It is always a struggle to get up after a long night out, but nothing makes it better than knowing you have to get up for brunch. Today, we wanted to test out Carmel Cafe’s newly added brunch menu, well so we thought. Carmel Cafe just opened its fourth location at the intersection of W Swann and Henderson in South Tampa. So we arrived with an appetite for Short Rib Hash which is found on their online menu, but because the chefs at the new location had to learn over 400+ dishes we were offered a limited 6 item brunch menu.

I can’t say that I was disappointed because honestly, it’s a reason to come back a second time and the food we did eat warrants a return trip. Especially because the kitchen ran out of BREAKFAST POTATOES! Now, I will not hold it against them because brunch is new to the location so lets get into the meal, and of course the drinks!

This was my third time dining with Carmel Cafe and experimenting with the iPad menu. This time there was no need for the hostess to give us the rundown because everyone had already been before, so we grabbed the iPads and checked out the dishes… options include a classic benedict, a crab cake benedict, steak breakfast sliders, “fancy” french toast (don’t ask), ham & egg panini, steak and eggs, and Mediterranean Omelete (Mod Med Omlette).

After minimal debate, I went for my “go to” brunch dish, the classic benedict. The cool part is that I ordered on the iPad, just tap the dish I want and add it to my order, then submit. The waiter picks up the order from the kitchen and delivers it. It was delicious from the first bite, smothered in hollandaise and layered on an english muffin with ham and a side of greek slaw.  Luckily, I split it with Nicholas so I got to try his order of the steak and egg breakfast sliders. The sliders stood out more… because of the delectable horseradish aioli. The aioli made the sandwich which was served on a crisp buttery bun with bacon. It was a kick of flavor in my mouth… no ketchup needed.

"Go To" Brunch

I washed it all down with a Bellini while the rest of the table sipped on Mimosas. Brunch is always better with a good afternoon cocktail. Fun fact, a Bellini is Italian while a Mimosa is French… a traditional Bellini is supposed to contain Prosecco whereas a Mimosa is made with Champagne.

Perfect Pairing for Brunch

This Sunday brunch was a success so I can’t wait to head back when the full menu rolls out.

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