We’re a group that will try anything once, especially if it’s free. So when I heard about Complimentary Yoga classes at Lululemon in Hyde Park, I had to try it out.

Classes take place every Saturday at 9am. It may be a little early for some 20-year olds, so we suggest a mellow Friday night if you’re planning on making it on time. The nice thing about the class is that it takes place right in their store and they provide everything for you. The only thing you need are some comfy clothes and a water bottle. Once you grab a mat it’s time to find a space. Being that it was my first time there I decided to take a place in the back. I found that this helped because I was able to watch others in the class if I was unsure about the moves.

Each week the classes are taught by different yoga instructors from around South Tampa. This is a true testament to the spirit of Lululemon. They are very dedicated to community outreach; even having a bulletin board that provides information on different groups and activities around town. This week, class was taught by Clare Lennan Seng, of Palm Wellness (1310 S. Howard Ave.)

ready to begin!!

I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to yoga. The only poses I knew were “Downward Dog” and “Warrior” so when she started speaking another language I  immediately felt way out of my element. Once I looked around at everyone else I noticed I wasn’t alone. It seemed like many people were beginners, if not first timers just like me. It is such a great experience for someone who has never tried yoga before and doesn’t want to spend money on a class they’re not sure will be to their liking.

A few minutes in I began to get the hang of things. While holding poses I found myself picking out tops, and pants, and headbands I wanted to buy. My next paycheck will be going toward this little beauty….

105 F Singlet – $44

..but that’s enough about my shopping addiction. Another thing I loved about the class was the music Clare played. It was a mix between easy listening, pop hits and some instrumental. It was perfectly synced to the intensity of the workout, so when we hit the pop music I knew I was in for it.

Since the classes are taught by a different instructor each week you never know what kind of workout you’re going to get. All in all I thought this was a great introduction to the art of yoga, and with a price tag of $0… i couldn’t  beat it.

So get up early on a Saturday, get down to Lululemon in Hyde Park (727 S. Dakota Ave.), and get your yoga on!




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