Keeping with our quarantine home projects, we moved on to our owner’s retreat bathroom upgrade. One of the things we loved about this new house was how much more space we have in our bathroom. The bones were already great, but we knew we wanted to bring our own special style too! For most of our interior design projects, we partnered with our friend, Charlie Schiller, to help guide us with her expertise. We met to chat about our style and needs and then she worked her magic to transform the space into our dream bathroom!

The first thing we tackled: a new tile wall. It was obviously going to be way too expensive and too much work to rip out a brand new bathroom because the color was not exactly what we wanted, so Charlie suggested adding a pop of our style to the wall behind our mirrors and over our sinks. We opted for a natural looking white terracotta style tile to add a bit of texture and to modernize the already spacious room. Charlie directed us to a new site we hadn’t heard of before, Clé Tile. After ordering a few samples to the house, we agreed on weathered white zellige 2″x6″x3/4″ subway – weathered white from Clé Tile. We absolutely love how stacking the tiles in columns brought a totally new look to the space and makes us feel like we are at a spa every morning and night!

Next to add to the space were the sconces and mirrors. What we love about these two things are their unique shapes and mix of metal finishes. Don’t the mirrors remind you of looking out an airplane window? And the scones, they give just the right amount of glow to help us get ready in peace. Who knew changing these small touches would add such a difference to the space?!

The next thing, that we so desperately needed was a place for all the beauty products we have (Thanks to Ryan)! These stone trays for products help to ground all our beauty finds and keeps things looking clean and organized on the counter.

Possibly my favorite addition to the bathroom is the two abstract art prints we found on Etsy. We joke that they are our self portraits, but realistically they are a daily reminder of why we need to keep up on our at home workouts!

We finished off the upgrade by adding a few things in the shower too! First, a teak shower bench just seemed like it made sense. After shopping around for one that was the perfect size and still gave off a masculine vibe, we opted for this one from Hayneedle. We have never had a shower large enough for anything other than ourselves, so this was an added bonus in this house! We topped our little shower oasis off with some fresh Eucalyptus that we hang on the shower head (Thanks @Jack_simmons_design) and a hanging fern plant from a local nursery.

We are so happy with how everything turned out! This bathroom is now such a perfect space to use when we get ready for a long day of work ahead and where we end our day before heading to bed. Let us know what you think!


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