Believe it or not, we met in high school and we know what you are thinking, “How cute, high school sweethearts.” Well, it’s not that simple. Our coming out story didn’t come for a couple of years later when we went off to college and reconnected over summer break. We quickly hit it off and fell in love. At the time, we dated long distance until we both found ourselves in this up and coming little city that we now call home, Tampa.

Growing up with big Italian families with lots of brothers (9 in total), our lives were always busy. As we started settling into the sunshine and palm trees, we wanted…no needed, to stay busy and active. Imagine going from households of all boys to a small apartment to call our own, definitely a shift! We started venturing out to new restaurants, shops, and events and soon enough everyone was asking for recommendations and insight into the trendiest spots around town.

NHIE Guys or the Never Have I Ever Guys, because we are constantly on the hunt for a new experience, was formed to share everything happening in the community and grew to include moments in our personal life. Since we started our blog, our city has grown alongside our relationship. We both currently balance full-time jobs, Nicholas as a university instructor on his way to becoming a professor as he finishes work on his doctorate in Special Education and Ryan managing his two cosmetic businesses as CEO of TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott and Co-Founder of The Beauty Spy.

To us, there is nothing better than a nice dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, grabbing drinks at one of the many outdoor bars after a grueling workout, or of course, treating ourselves to one of the Tampa staple sweet treats (or two). It doesn’t stop there because over the eight years since we started on this journey, the people, the businesses and the community have become most important to us. We use our platform to support the business and brands that we love, we volunteer when we can, and organize events to help build up our city.

There is a good chance you may see us around town, so say hi, we would love to meet you.

-Nicholas and Ryan

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