The dog days aren’t over just yet for our clan! This past week, we rushed home from work and made our way to USF SunDome for an AMAZING concert from Florence and the Machine! We stopped at a 7-11 to grab some brews for our pregame in the parking lot on our way to the show. Once we paid the $10 parking fee (a bit steep for a concert at USF as far as we are concerned), we found a parking spot and were expecting to join the rest of the concert- goers to a drink or FOUR before the show. To our surprise, the tailgate situation was a bit tragic, as there were all of THREE people trying to get their buzz on! A guy came over to ask for donations for some random charity as we drank, which was really random. We took some pics, and then headed on in to the show!

The guys before the show
Rob & Allison

As we walked up, we noticed that USF had made some changes to the arena since the last time we had been there. It is a great venue for concerts because it’s small enough that all of the seats in the place give you a good view of the show.  On the other hand, we did notice that the acoustics in the building could have been better, seeing that if we didn’t know the words Florence was singing, we couldn’t make out what she was saying 😦

Florence definitely knows how to put on a show.From the first note, we were up out of our seats singing and dancing along to her awesome music. Her set lasted about 90 minutes and let me just say…..WE RAGED THE WHOLE TIME! It was an unbelievable concert and we hope she makes her round back to Tampa on her next tour.

Florence KILLING it during the show!


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