Made you look! There’s only one, the original, the OG, the Bake’n’Babes Freak Shake.

The Bake’n’Babes Freak Shake has appeared numerous times on our Instagram Feed and even had us dressing up in lederhosen on TikTok. So we rounded up some highlights of our very best shots with the true OG Freak Shake in Tampa Bay.

The Pride Freak Shake

By far one of our favorites, the Pride Freak Shake, oozed with rainbows and love while also helping to support our community. Last year, we partnered with Bake’n’Babes to raise money from each Freak Shake to support Metro Inclusive Health and their mission of “providing quality health and wellness services that are inclusive, relevant, supportive and represent the lifetime continuum of the diverse people in our community.”

St Patrick’s Day Freak Shake

Feeling Lucky? We’re both Irish and we definitely prefer to celebrate with this freaky perfection than over potatoes and cabbage.

Breast Cancer Awareness Freak Shake

This Freak Shake from last October speaks to the community oriented mission of Bake’n’Babes. All month long, Julie and her team highlighted stories of survivors in our community and used proceeds from sales to give back for such a great cause.

Oktoberfest Freak Shake

By far one of the most creative Freak Shakes to date was last year’s Oktoberfest Shake. A full pretzel, cupcake, and a piece of bacon topped the beer stein that was filled to the top with a vanilla shake and finished with a German flag. It was so well dressed for the occasion that we decided we had to join in on the fun with lederhosen of our own.

Check out Julie’s latest creation for October below and then head to GenX Tavern to pick up your very own.

Have you had a Freak Shake before? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social when you finally have the chance to indulge.

Nicholas & Ryan

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