Food. It’s probably one of our favorite things to enjoy and if you check our instagram, you know we can EAT! We recently were introduced to Food Not Flowers, a local company that makes fresh, fully prepared meals and curated gifts that you can send to friends and family members to show you are thinking of them!
Photo Jun 09, 5 51 01 PM
I came home from work last week to find a box waiting at the door. When I saw “Food Not Flowers” printed across the side of it, I knew EXACTLY what I was getting myself into! I brought the box inside and unboxed a whole bunch of great things. First, there were four meals included inside:
Photo Jun 09, 5 51 27 PM
Balsamic Glazed Grilled Salmon
Photo Jun 09, 5 51 25 PM
Turkey Breast & Quinoa Medley
Photo Jun 09, 5 51 23 PM
Carribean Style Jerk Chicken
Photo Jun 09, 5 51 28 PM
Cuban Inspired Pork Loin
And ours also came with some Tate’s chocolate chip cookies which are made in NY (where we are from), so we thought that was a super thoughtful touch! Lastly, the box had a small soy candle too!
Photo Jun 09, 5 48 38 PM
One other super cool aspect of this personalized experience is that once the box has been delivered, an email is delivered to your inbox with a personalized video message from the sender! This was even better than just having a card inside! AND we were able to send a reply video thanking them for the cool gift! Super awesome!
Photo Jun 09, 8 13 11 PM
So how does it work? There are two ways you can do it!
1. Pick a healthy meal to send. Each order includes a meal for 4 people (4 servings) with a dessert. Mix and match meals, including vegetarian and gluten free options.
2. Don’t know what to pick or when it’s best to send? Send a gift card. The recipient will get to pick whatever they want, whenever they want it delivered.
Photo Jun 09, 8 18 31 PM
Either way, the process is a super fun and personalized way to send your love to someone for a special occasion. It’s also perfect for when someone has a baby, gets a promotion, is recovering from surgery or an illness, or suffers a loss. Four meals delivered and ready to go is such a nice way to show you care for that person.
If you are looking for a unique gift to give to someone special, you should definitely check out Food Not Flowers. And if you use the promo code, FIRSTFNF, you can save 10% on your first order. Let us know what you think!
-Nicholas & Ryan
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