Living in Tampa Bay affords us the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches and sunshine here in Florida almost year round. Although we are often too busy to make it happen, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to check out a sunset cruise on a yacht! Thanks to Ultimate Yachtlife Charter, we got to spend a beautiful evening out on the water enjoying an amazing sunset cruise with some of our favorite local influencers.
Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-13
We drove over to St.Pete to meet Captain Shane and get checked in. The ship was a beauty! The Viking Princess is a 70 foot yacht that can accommodate up to 12 guests on board and believe it or not, it was out first yacht experience. When we hopped on the vessel, there was a colorful spread of charcuterie (OUR FAVE) waiting for us. The whole table was lined with all types of things from cheeses and meats to crackers and veggies. They even had some cookies too! Delicious Displays By Claire is a local charcuterie chick and when partnered with a nice glass of champagne, it was everything we needed to relax for the sunset cruise ahead.
Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-90Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-2
With champs and charcuterie in hand, we went on a quick tour of the ship. It had a great indoor living room space, equipped with a bar for cocktails and some couches to lounge in the A/C. Down below, there were multiple rooms for guests to sleep in and bathrooms with showers as well. We were impressed by how much room there actually was once we got on board and began exploring.
I think we pull off the “yacht life” look pretty well, don’t you?

Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-19Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-17

Once everyone was checked in and on board, we embarked for our cruise around the bay. The weather was perfect for photos…a little overcast so the lighting was just right! We were lucky to have our fave local photog, Kera, with us to capture some of the fun we had!
Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-53Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-39
So if you have a special event, a love of yacht life, or just want to take a sunset cruise, you should definitely check out Ultimate Yachtlife Charters. They offer event ideas for so many occasions:
-Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
-Sunday Funday
-Private Photoshoot
-Engagement Party
-Bridal/ Baby Shower
-And anything else you can think of!
Ultimate Yachy Life_Kera Photography-61
Parties are always more fun with friends. We are lucky enough to have shared the experience with new and old influencer friends alike. You can make your reservations by clicking here. Oh and of course, let me know we sent you by using our promo code, “NHIEGUYS”!
-Nicholas & Ryan

Check out the drone video here:

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