We are huge fans of the Cirque du Soleil empire and have been to a bunch of shows both in Tampa and afar. So when we were invited by the #Volta team to come check out their latest show, we HAD to jump on the opportunity.


Disclosure: We received this complimentary experience through a Cirque du Soleil media partnership in exchange for this blog post and social media love. All opinions are our own.


Without giving too much away, we wanted to share some reasons to check out this amazing show here in Tampa through March 18th!


  1. The Humor: Although much of Cirque du Soleil is known for the high-flying acrobatics and amazing strength and agility of its cast, this show has tons of funny moments woven throughout! The entire crowd, young and old, was cracking up and by the end, our cheeks hurt from all the hilarious moments.IMG_5475
  2. The Break from Reality: As you sit and enjoy the show, you are transported from the everyday dealings of life and travel to a place of wonder and beauty. The whole atmosphere was so energetic and even though the show runs for about 2 1/2 hours, we were left wanting more!IMG_5481
  3. The Gym Motivation: If nothing else has caught your attention, we are SURE that the cast will. They are in amazing shape and we left wanting to stop at the gym on our way home. Fun fact, we ended up ditching this idea and opted for tacos instead HAHA.IMG_5489

Volta by Cirque du Soleil is taking place under the big top at Tampa Greyhound Track now through March 18th. You can learn more about the show and purchase tickets by visiting the Volta by Cirque du Soleil website.  We are sure you will not be disappointed!



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