IMG_1678_Facetune_23-01-2018-23-12-49.jpgBetween traveling and the cold, we have had some extra time to dedicate to our small screen addiction. It is true, we love a good binge on the latest Netflix, Hulu, or cable craze. Since Ryan works closely with television shopping channels, the TV has become part of our lives. Whether to check the latest beauty innovation that is launching or just feeding our desire to relax with Shameless, we definitely consider ourselves “TV people.”

MUST WATCH NOW: Handmaid’s Tale

If you haven’t caught this one yet, now is the time. Season two is coming back soon and to say season one was amazing is a total understatement.


This sci-fi take on time travelers is filled with constant surprises, twists, and mind games. If you love Will from “Will & Grace,” then you should definitely check this out. Eric McCormack plays a more serious role as the leader of his time traveling team.


Want to laugh? Or feel grateful? Shameless will do just that. The Gallagher family takes on Chicago as a poor family willing to do anything to get by. And you see EVERYTHING! Laughing, crying, and really twisted things happen, every episode.


Mindhunter is a twist on the tried and true crime show because it takes on the psychology of killers from the vantage point of two FBI agents in the 1970s. They unravel what it means to be a serial killer before the idea of a serial killer existed.

GREAT TV! Will & Grace

No matter if we are binging old seasons or cuddling up on the couch for “Must See TV” Thursday night comedy, Will & Grace is one of our all time favorites. The latest reboot keep us laughing so much that we watch each episode a couple of times!

Happy binging!

Ryan + Nicholas



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