Have you experienced the rolled ice cream trend yet? We have!

We are excited to share our latest find, Icekimo! Icekimo serves up fresh frozen treats that follow the latest Thai trend of rolled ice cream as well as handcrafted ice pops.

We popped in after a casual Sunday dinner because we needed something to satisfy our sweet tooth, as one does! Let us break it down for you…

What is ice cream rolling? 

Rolled ice cream is a technique used by shops to take a creamy ice cream base and freeze it instantly on an extremely cold stainless steel surface. The ice cream is frozen in thin sheets, fillings are added and the process is repeated until all ice cream and fillings are frozen completely and ready to be rolled.

How do you order? 

Icekimo makes it easy by offering pre-designed menu items like, “Mint to Be” or “Cinnamon Crunch”. Although, the best part is picking your own custom flavors, colors and ingredients. We opted to take some existing menu items and tweaking them to perfection. I started with “Cinnamon Crunch,” removed banana, added Reeses’s cups, and made it a fun blue color! Nicholas opted for the “NY Cheesecake,” right off the menu and made it red, because strawberries, obvi!

Besides being totally fun and a fresh take on ice cream, Icekimo is very delicious!


Ryan + Nicholas

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