It’s time to clear your schedule and make time for tacos. As we kick off the new year, we know you deserve a treat and what better way than with fresh margaritas and tacos. (If your doing dry January then hold the margs!)

Thanks to a partnership with Bartaco, we had the opportunity to dine on the house in exchange for some social media love and a Snapchat takeover (@bartacolife). All opinions are our own.

IMG_0815The only place you are going to hear about the secret taco is here! That’s right, Bartaco’s secret taco rotates regularly and the only way to hear about the latest one is through social media.


Before we spill the tea, let us tell you a little about Bartaco. If you haven’t been before, stepping into Bartaco is like strolling into a beachfront restaurant in your favorite coastal town. It is a casual, yet upscale experience with a great selection of tacos and cocktails. It’s the perfect getaway from your weekly mundane routine or better yet, a great Saturday chill spot. You may find us here now and then.

IMG_0808A couple of quick things before we reveal the latest secret taco… it’s best with small groups as they don’t take reservations, orders are taken with a pad and pencil (you can always order more!), start with a fresh squeezed lime margarita, and all else will fall into place. If you do plan to go with a large group, volunteer to go early, check in and sit at the bar before the rest of your party arrives.

We like to start with chips, salsa and guacamole, then dive into some sides like corn “off the cob,” spicy cucumber salad, and some fresh pineapple. Then we load up on tacos, but we ALWAYS save room for dessert. Our favorite tacos are the duck taco (a must try!!!) and the newly added crispy rock shrimp!


And of course you cannot leave without trying out the secret taco!! This time around it is the crispy avocado taco!! Def delicious…so good, that our waitress said it was her favorite! All you have to do is write in “secret taco” on your order card and out they will come!



The full menu can be found here.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

Ryan & Nicholas IMG_0816

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