Happy 5 years to us! We are so happy to have been blogging our fun away for the past 5 years. Today, we are sharing five of the best things we have learned along the way!IMG_2309.jpg

  1. Community Over Competition: One of the first things we believe in is the importance of community. Without the support of all of the amazing people we have met these past five years, we wouldn’t have NHIE Guys. We have come to meet some of the kindest and most genuine friends from this blogging experience and we are so lucky we have! We have learned over time that as we build each other up, everyone benefits. It is so important to us to make a positive impact on the larger community and hope to continue to surround ourselves with people like us.Ice Cream Tampa Bay
  2. Do What You Love: When we began this journey so many years ago, we agreed that we would continue to do it as long as it made us happy. We made a pact that the minute we were no longer enjoying ourselves, we would move on to a new project. We have kept this idea in mind these past five years and will continue to follow this mantra as we grow NHIE Guys.IMG_5203
  3. Be Authentically You: This one is super important. For us, NHIE Guys is our personal brand. We want our followers to get to know us first and foremost. If we aren’t authentically ourselves, we are not only letting ourselves down, but our followers too. It’s not always easy putting yourself out there for everyone to see, but when we have each other’s support and the support of you all, it makes it a bit easier 🙂 Screamageddon Florida
  4. Get Uncomfortable: We love being pushed outside of our comfort zones. This comes in many facets; from funky foods, unique cocktail creations, and experiences that are once in a lifetime, we love meeting new people and trying new things. These types of things are what help us to grow and learn more about ourselves in the process. Got a fun idea of what we should try or where we should travel next? DM us!IMG_6640
  5. If It’s No Longer Fun, You Are Doing Something Wrong: With NHIE Guys being our second full time job, it is easy to become tired and frustrated after a strenuous day at our day job. But, we really work hard to find the fun and make light of difficult situations. We are ALWAYS having fun even if we are completely unsure what we are signing up for; it’s what makes the whole thing worth it. Being on this rollercoaster of life together is something we hope everyone gets to experience. We couldn’t wish for anything more!

    Style 5.13.17-2968
    Photo Credit: @ThisJennGirl

We look forward to continuing this journey and thank you for all of your support. Stay tuned as we find new places, experiences, and adventures together!

-Nicholas & Ryan


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