Wow, wow, wow, wow! That is all we can say since our first walk into the doors at The Hall on Franklin. When we heard the concept behind the joint, we were super pumped, but once we stepped inside, we were blown away by how modern and awesome it was!


What’s really cool about The Hall On Franklin? Well, for starters, there are multiple ways to experience it. You can walk up to the counters of the various restaurants and order directly through them, you can head to the bar and grab an open seat to enjoy the tastes, or you can ask the hostess for a table to be served by wait staff.


Another super cool part of The Hall, the variety of food to choose from! Whether you are looking for sweets from Kofé or Bake’N’ Babes or savory from Melt Shoppe, Northstar Eatery, Heights Fish Camp, or Poké Rose, there is literally something for everyone.


Ryan and I opted for the full experience, so we snagged a table and got to the ordering process. Our server took good care of us and explained exactly how things worked in these parts and we hit the ground running. Check out some of our favorite highlights from trip 1 (of many since) to The Hall on Franklin.

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We are so excited for Tampa to have such an awesome, new concept to enjoy. Whether you are looking for cocktails, apps, desserts, or all of the above, The Hall on Franklin is the newest Tampa hotspot. Oh and say hey to our favorite girls, Julie at Bake’N’ Babes and Sing at North Star Eatery. You’ll thank us later!


Bonus: For limited time, Julie at Bake’N’Babes is whipping up fresh Pumpkin Liege Waffles!


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