Stop screaming at the driver next to you on the road and holding back your frustration at work, get a ticket and some friends, and head to Scream-A-Geddon because you need to relieve some stress! Halloween season is one of our favorites because everyone gets to act like a kid: decorations are meant to incite fear and after a good, CRY, SCREAM OR HYSTERICAL laugh (because every group of friends has that fearless one), you always feel better!

Thanks to a partnership with Scream-A-Geddon & PRESS PR + Marketing, we had the opportunity to experience all the fun in exchange for some social media love and this blog post. All opinions are our own.

Screamageddon Florida

If you think we are kidding, then really go for it! Carpool with your closest allies to a deserted forest about 40 minutes north of South Tampa and enter, “Florida’s Premier Horror Park.”

Screamageddon Florida

1. You need a good scare in your life! Screaming is said to relieve stress, and you can use a break from the work week, let’s be real.

Screamageddon Florida

2. Its great for large groups. Actually we think it’s BETTER with a large group! It’s also better than heading to the bar or sitting in front of the TV one night (which we also love!). Getting scared is also more fun with an audience!! Screamageddon Florida

3. It’s Interactive!! That’s right, they CAN and WILL touch you! Don’t worry, you have to sign up for it, but we highly recommend it! It’s simple really, you “mark” yourself as part of the attraction with a glow necklace and you are fair game. Get put in jail or touched with a chainsaw. Maybe even something worse!

Screamageddon Florida

4. FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! Get your carnival eating fix with a corndog, pretzel or pulled pork sandwich. Don’t know about you, but we can’t go anywhere without chowing down on some food. Plus all the screaming really helps work up an appetite.


5. There’s a 3D house! There are a total of six attractions. Four houses, one haunted hayride, and the Monster Midway that serves food and drinks with a few scares on the side. Add blacklights, clowns and 3D glasses to anything and it’s a sure fire way to be creeped out! That’s why we love the inventiveness of Bedlam 3D!

Screamageddon FloridaScreamageddon Florida

And a few lasts tips, go on a weekday to reduce your wait time and go sooner than later because the closer to Halloween, the busier it will be! Plan to stay a couple of hours to experience it all. And if you want a chance for discounted tickets, be sure to sign up for their E-Newsletter. We hope you survive the thrill of it and of course, have a blast!

Ryan & Nicholas

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