In our endless quest to find the latest and greatest in the foodie world, we came across The Sosta. This Instagram-worthy destination is inspired by the gas stations located along the highways in Italy. Ryan had a chance to visit Italy last year and experience the delight of fast roadside cuisine that is still high-quality and delicious.

Sosta, as its menu states, means “to stop, pause, take a break or stop over,” so that’s just what we did during our rainy day shoot in New York City. After checking out the menu we may have gone overboard with ordering because we picked up a couple of pastas, meatballs, salad, and a sandwich. Patrick (Ryan’s Brother) and sister-in-law Andrea joined us too, so it wasn’t too much!!


The space was perfectly pink, millennial pink that is! The tables, trays, walls and more… We thought it would be a good idea to go black and white so you can see how much we really enjoyed The Sosta. The food made us feel as though we were enjoying a home cooked meal, which isn’t always easy considering we come from two Italian families.  Sosta-3433Sosta-3434Sosta-3445Sosta-3449

Sharing is big in our families, so even though Patrick ordered the Pancetta Focaccia sandwich, I had no problem digging in myself. I also passed around my Zucca Vodka Pasta for everyone to grab a bite and Nicholas shared his oh so spicy Bucatini Arrabbiata. Sosta-3451Sosta-3459Sosta-3452Sosta-3456Sosta-3466Sosta-3473

We finished off the meal with, of course, a cookie! We left with a to-go bag in hand for a late night snack, because pasta is one of the only leftovers that I really enjoy. Sosta-3488Sosta-3493Sosta-4073Sosta-4078

We hope you have a chance to stop into The Sosta and enjoy the atmosphere and more importantly, the food!

Eat up,


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