It’s no surprise that we are ice cream lovers at heart. If you follow our Instafeed then you know its a weekly occurrence that we indulge in some ice cream. Now we want to share some of our favorite and most unique ice cream escapades. Enjoy!

Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu

You don’t need a cone when you have an egg waffle! This Asian treat is as delicious as it looks. Thinh An offers fresh made to order egg waffles that you can load with ice cream and toppings!

Thinh An Kitchen & TofuIce Cream Tampa Bay

Dairy Joy

We love, love, love Dairy Joy! There aren’t many hard ice cream shops in Tampa but this one has been around for a while. Come with cash and an ready for a wholesome treat! Dairy Joy will bring back all those childhood feels.

Dairy Joy Tampa Florida DessertDairy Joy Tampa Florida DessertDairy Joy Tampa Florida Dessert


Rolled ice cream is the latest trend sweeping your Instafeed. That’s why we popped into Snobachi to get this treat that comes with a show. This Thai treat is made to order, pick your topping and the workers chopped them up and roll them into cream as it freezes and turns to ice. It’s then rolled and topped with some additional toppings. It’s a must try!

Ice Cream Tampa BayLifestyle-1040

Mini Doughnut Factory

If you haven’t been to Mini Doughnut Factory then you are missing out. Their minis are excellent, but even better when they are blended into a shake!

Mini Doughnut Factory Dessert Tampa BayMini Doughnut Factory Dessert Tampa Bay


Dough is always whipping up something fun so when we heard they had GALAXY ICE CREAM we had to go check it out. Don’t worry though, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Its vanilla ice cream with activated charcoal for color.

Ice Cream Tampa BayIce Cream Tampa Bay

Know of any good ice cream places? Let us know, we would love to try!

Ryan & Nicholas

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    1. My thought exactly!! How could you do the best ice cream in Tampa without the Rev!! I just need it to be December again for Coquito to come back out!

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