This week, we are focusing in our spotlight to our rehearsal dinner spot, Oxford Exchange. Being from New York, the uniqueness of the space is what drew us in and kept us coming back time and again to OE. We have been in for brunch, coffee, to shop in the retail shops, during the opening of the new Warby Parker location, and to wine and dine family visiting from out of town. The design and decor inside makes it the perfect place to host our rehearsal dinner and we are so excited for our family and close friends to see all that the space has to offer.


“Originally built in 1891 as a stable for the Tampa Bay Hotel, 420 West Kennedy Boulevard has gone through several transformations in its long history. In the 1920s, an arcade of shops ran through the center of the building from Kennedy to Grand Central, a feature that is echoed in the current design. More recently, an insurance company, photo studio and dentist’s office were housed within the brick walls. If you have lived in Tampa long enough, you may have visited Oxford Exchange in a few of its previous forms.


Oxford Exchange is really two buildings: the original four walls of Number 420, and a new structure that took the place of an older building next door. Painstaking restoration of the older elements, most notably the brickwork, was done alongside the creation of new features, such as the many skylights and the glass-roofed conservatory. It is hard to tell the new from the old, which underscores Oxford Exchange’s mission to showcase the best of the contemporary and the classic.”


Stay tuned for more on the places, people, and things that are going to make our big day something we will never forget.


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