There is nothing more exciting than getting a shiny new piece of technology. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, Nicholas and I are the new owners of Snapchat Spectacles.

And now that we have them, you can join NHIE Guys on Snapchat and follow our latest adventures!! This is the reason we have been waiting to jump into the Snapchat game.



If you haven’t heard of Spectacles, yet, Snapchat has been dropping vending machines filled with their latest quick video capturing tool. To the naked eye, they look and feel just like a high quality pair of sunglasses you could rock in the car or at the beach, but behind it all there is magic!!! Spectacles capture 10 second moments from YOUR perspective that are instantly transferred to your Snap Story via Bluetooth.


They are packaged in a cool looking “tennis ball” type of plastic sleeve to keep it safe. After all, it is purchased from a vending machine. The yellow case is made of a strong foam material that holds the Spectacles, a charging cord and polishing cloth (so you always look fresh!).


The case is also the charging dock and has a magnetic charging adapter on the back to plug in the case. When the case is opened, the light flashes to let you know it’s charging. It is great for charging on the go!


If you are a regular Snapchat user, you can understand the fun of having Spectacles. They take the experience to a whole new level that allows you to interact in whatever environment you are active. (Just a note, they are not for extreme sports). Nicholas and I get to test them out on New Year’s Eve during a friends party and they were a huge hit!


It’s easy to tell when you are Snapping because the light on the left illuminates for 10-seconds. It blinks on the inside for you and on the outside for your friends. We even tested it out and were able to add 10-seconds by hitting the button again. All the videos show up in your Snapchat, you can edit and send them to your story or friends just like a regular Snap. Your friends see it as a Snap with a little tag that let’s them know it’s from Spectacles.


Another very cool feature is the 360 degree view. Since the glasses capture a wide view, once your video is captured, you can actually turn your phone 360 degrees around for a full perspective of what was shot in the Spectacles.

Here is a little preview of how Spectacles work! All videos export in the signature round shape.

All in all, if you love Snapping you should definitely get a pair. I really feel that Snap, Inc. got it right with Spectacles because they are simple, easy to use, and actually make social media MORE social! We had a really great time showing them off and letting friends and family take them for a test drive. Spectacles really provide a unique perspective!

Happy Snapping!


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