This week, our Wedding Wednesday post is all about the awesome venues we have chosen for our big day!  Hip Room is probably the newest venue to come on the Tampa Wedding scene and many of you may not even know about it until now! This space is like nothing we have seen here in Tampa and provides the clean and industrial look that we are so craving while still keeping things updated and classy. Located in Tampa Heights (directly above the soon-to-be Hall on Franklin), Hip Room is best known for its dance fitness classes.



In addition, the space has recently begun opening its doors for weddings and events. The space is rather large, which made it a prime spot to host our ceremony. With over 200 people planned to attend our special day, we needed a space that would be large enough to handle that many of our crazy family and friends and luckily for us, Hip Room provides just that!


Rialto Theatre is located just two doors down from Hip Room in Tampa Heights and is the coolest historic and industrial venue around. It was a no brainer when we were looking for the perfect spot to make our big day something unique. Knowing we have a big wedding planned, we decided to opt for one space for the ceremony and then a second location within walking distance to hold the cocktail hour and party to avoid the stress and anxiety of flipping one space.


Built in the 1920s, the Rialto Theatre is a 10,000+ square foot blank slate that can be transformed to anyone’s liking. Owners Hope and George are rockstars and since purchasing the theatre a few years back, have made some awesome updates and tweaks to the already great looking venue.


“The texture of old brick walls, painted plaster details and blue tile work create the perfect contrast of old and new. These are the features that set Tampa’s Rialto Theatre apart from other venues and what will make your event stand out to your guests. Because every detail matters and ordinary is not acceptable.


Perfectly located just blocks from the Hillsborough River, Ulele Spring, and old Trollybarn, the Rialto plays a key role in the revitalization of Tampa Heights. Find the blue doors and see what’s been hiding inside.”


We are excited for the big picture of our day to be coming together with help from some really creative people here in Tampa. Stay tuned as we continue on our Wedding Wednesday journey! Less than two months until our wedding. AH!


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