Portillo’s may be a newer name in the Tampa Bay area with locations in Brandon and most recently near USF and we were lucky enough to be invited out to check out their newest location. We were invited out to do a little blogger tasting and boy were we impressed!


Thanks to an invite from Portillo’s, we had the opportunity to do some free tasting in exchange for some social media love and a blog post. All opinions are my own.

From a simple trailer with no running water in Chicago to millions of satisfied customers across the United States, Portillo’s knows how to make great food! Check out this great video behind the name of Portillo’s.

With so many delicious menu items and an entire dessert section we barely touched, there are still so much we have to try! Lucky for us, Portillo’s is on my way to work 🙂


We had the awesome opportunity to taste a bunch of menu items, but there are still so many more to get back to try! Here are some highlights of what we tasted:


Chopped Salad- Loved the little pasta and the house dressing was delicious- Healthier option for sure! We may have snuck an extra one of these little sides to go 😉


The Fries- Crinkled and salty….so good! These were inhaled and replenished more than once. Oh well!

Chili Cheese Dog- Smothered in chili goodness! And we saw plenty of other hot dog options to try next time we stop in.


Portillo’s Famous Italian Beef Sandwich- I could eat this everyday- Add Hot Peppers for sure!

Portillo’s Chocolate Cake- It was like eating pure chocolate goodness! So moist and chocolatey- YUM! And the best part is… now they offer cake delivery throughout the country!  Portillo’s Famous Chocolate Cake Kit includes two layers of chocolate cake, plus frosting and a spatula, so you can frost your own famous Portillo’s chocolate cake and enjoy with your family and friends! So perfect for those who love the famous Portillo’s Chocolate cake or those of your friends and family missing their Chicago roots.


We highly recommend trying Portillo’s now that it is here in Tampa Bay! We promise that with all of the options they offer, you will find something just right for you!



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