We ventured over to North Florida for the monthly Reeves Motorsports gathering and in typical form, searched for some local spots to eat. We found a few and picked Three Coins diner because of its great reviews and because it looked like a typical NY diner. 

This hidden gem is one that we will catalog for years to come! I mean, seriously, how did it take us some long to find!? It’s the kinda place you walk in, add your name to the list, and wait 10-15 minutes for a table; maybe even longer if you arrive too late in the morning. It’s small but mighty. They waitstaff is on their A game, taking orders, pouring coffee, making rounds and clearing tables so they can serve as many people as possible. 

Nicholas and I both ordered a simple two eggs, bacon, home fries and toast (I had a biscuit). It was everything we wanted it to be and more! There’s nothing like a good two egg breakfast to kick off the weekend, in my opinion. 

We knew immediately that this was something we had been missing when we posted to Instagram and ten different people voiced their love for Three Coins. 

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long before we return, because I definitely need more of this in my life. 

Eat well, 


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