We are so excited about the next phase of NHIE Tampa Bay. We have recently partnered with our friends at Black and Denim to create our signature, “Everything Local” tee shirt. They are made here in Tampa, which is something that was super important to us and are sold at Black and Denim in Ybor City. We are excited to sell these amazing tee shirts and suggest you pick one up for yourself before they sell out here: NHIE Everything Local Tee

Black and Denim Everything Local Tee Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Black and Denim Everything Local Tee Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Another exciting project we are working on right now is a new collaboration with our friends at Seventh Avenue Apothecary. When thinking about local candles and the ones we have seen sold around town, it was a no-brainer that we would choose our girls Erin and Jess at Seventh Ave. to team up for an exclusive NHIE scented candle. 100% manufactured in the USA and proudly poured in historic Ybor City, these 5th generation Tampa natives choose only the finest of ingredients. After meeting the girls and learning about the process of candle making, we have learned that there are lots of benefits to using soy candles when choosing your candle of choice.

Besides the local aspect of the manufacturing, the candles are also a renewable resource. The Seventh Ave. candles are made from the soy bean and support the US Agriculture unlike paraffin which is a by product of petroleum and comes from the bottom of the barrel. They are also clean burning and long lasting. Soy wax is a cooler and cleaner burning wax, so it does not get as hot as other waxes, therefore the burn time is 40% longer.

Seventh Ave Apothecary Candle Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

Next, we met with the girls to discuss sizing and style. Once we agreed that we loved the look of their glass container, we knew we wanted to cross promote by having both of our logos printed on the glass. Next, we had to determine the scent of the candle. As an “Everything Local” brand, wewanted the candle to be something reminiscent of Tampa Bay. That was easy! Erin and Jess explained to us that their fragrances are inspired by Tampa Bay’s cultural and culinary legacies creating unique and unparalleled combinations. We narrowed down the scents we liked and eventually settled on our final choice.
Seventh Ave Apothecary Candle Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay
Seventh Ave Apothecary Candle Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay


We are in the final process of manufacturing the candles, which are being poured locally in Ybor City. Stay tuned to both our page and Seventh Ave. Apothecary’s page for more details on the release date of the NHIE Signature Candle. We are so excited about this next step in our brand!



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