Among the widespread development of today’s Downtown Tampa, sits a 1920s original Exchange National Bank. Once frequented by the rich and powerful of Tampa, now is a revamped venue that hosts weddings and events.

This October the vault has transformed into a unique horror experience threaded with the roots of its 1920s structure. Expect to be there for a few hours because unlike other horror experiences there are no long lines or waiting, from the moment you arrive the entertainment begins. The event is broken into three sections, The Arrival, The Ritual and the Gin Joint! After you make it through the experience, you can unwind in The Reader’s Clearing.

Vault of Souls Downtown Tampa
Our friend having her aura cleansed at The Arrival.
Vault of Souls Downtown Tampa
Our friend having her aura cleansed at The Arrival.

Without giving too much information away, I have to say this was a one-of-a-kind event put on by some creative minds. After spending some time in The Arrival, your name is called and it’s time to head to The Ritual. As a way to keep the spirits from recognizing you, a white mask (similar to the Jabbawockeez Dance Crew) must be worn the entire time. There is no talking among friends or others during this time, however screaming is allowed! An interesting story unfolds as you work your way through The Ritual and find your way to the Gin Joint. There are hidden gems along the way be keen at every turn.Vault of Souls Downtown Tampa

When we finally made it through The Ritual, we actually skipped the Gin Joint and headed right for The Readers’ Clearing. We indulged in some gelato and cappuccino before sitting down with the three tarot card readers that are available. We spent about as much time here as we did in the ritual. It was a great spot to recount everything we couldn’t talk about during the experience while waiting for our next tarot reading.

Vault of Souls Downtown Tampa

The event is running through the end of October and you can make a reservation at The Vaults of Souls website. At $100 a ticket, its is more expensive than your traditional horror experience but in my opinion, definitely worth it! You may even want to search around for a good local deal on one of the flash deal sites.

May your soul stay safe,




Disclosure: I received complimentary admission through a Vault of Souls partnership in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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