Funny enough, that’s exactly what we want to share about today! A Piece of Cake is a local cakery and dessert bar company that specializes in event cakes and dessert bars for your events. We recently took a trip to their location in Tampa to help our friend taste some cakes for an upcoming wedding. With no pun intended, it was a fun time and we are going to make our review of the experience short and SWEET (HEHE).

A Piece of Cake Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

We showed up and walked into the small space where we were greeted by owner, Laurie. We sat down and discussed the upcoming nuptials and looked through some photos of other cakes that have been created before to give us some common ground and ideas as to what our possibilities were.

A Piece of Cake Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay
Before we tasted

After deciding on the size and shape of the cake we wanted, we went on to the fun part…TASTING! We tasted many different flavors including vanilla, chocolate, marble and funfetti… YUM! We also tasted the different frostings because the baker creates multiple variations to provide the event with exactly what you are looking for. Cookies and Cream icing was my favorite and so was funfetti. Although those options are a bit “out there” as far as formal events, we enjoyed the small bites of deliciousness and eventually came to agreement on what we would order.

A Piece of Cake Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

The process was quick, tasty and effortless. Laurie makes it really easy to find what you are looking for and provides you with direction if you are lost. She comes with lots of experience so she knows what works and what doesn’t. This was also a really big help.

As we were getting our things together, we connected eyes with a WALL of popcorn! Not only was it colorful, but as we surveyed the flavors of each, we realized there was a wide variety of those too! From sweet to savory and everything in between, IPop Gourmet Popcorn provides flavors ranging from Wasabi to Cheddar Pretzel Ale to Pina Colada. You should definitely check out their website for unique flavors and to order up a taste of your own! Enjoy!


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