Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

So we had to do it! We know it’s corny, but it was too easy NOT to go there. I mean, come on, at the grand opening, Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. had an actual goat hanging out at the bar. Granted, we don’t think they splurged for a blind goat, but it still did the job.

Living in South Tampa and being in our twenties makes it seem inevitable to find us hanging out on Howard on the weekend. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love us some SoHo fun, but we have “graduated and matured” (a nice way of saying we are getting too old), and have broadened our horizons a bit further outside of our SoHo box if you will. Case and point, Blind Goat Food and Drink Co.

As you can see, we were so excited to be asked to present our new friends with the Food Blogger’s Award after their awesome showing at The Taste of South Tampa last month. We had been to the space a few times prior to the ribbon cutting and in the first few months they have been open, Blind Goat has already made changes and improvements to the dining/ drinking experience.

Let’s start with the obvious… the facelift the restaurant received prior to opening was a nice improvement to set the new scene for customers. Let me warn you though, if you are a Gator fan, this bar may not be your cup o’ tea. It is all decked out in garnet and gold and definitely gives the vibe of an upscale frat bar (in all the right ways). It has great drink specials, easy food options to munch on, live music and games to keep drinkers entertained.

But really, what do we care most about? FOOD & DRINK of course! The hottest selling point for us would have to be their awesome Shot + Beer Specials! Obviously our go-to would be the “Don Juan”. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good tequila shot and Corona?  We have even been back since their food menu has been added to and found ourselves really enjoying the flatbreads and salad we ordered.  Ryan tried the Mediterranean Steak Salad recently and found it to be really flavorful and unique. It had Marinated Flap Steak, Artichokes, Roasted Red Peppers, and Tomatoes tossed in a White Balsamic Vinaigrette and served in Boats of Romaine upon a bed of Tzatziki. The Tzatziki on the bottom was a really fresh and funky twist. I tried The CDS Flatbread which had Feta Cheese, Grapes, Sausage, and was drizzled in Olive Oil. Bottom line…I devoured it in minutes.

All in all, we love our new neighborhood friends and look forward to many more nights hanging out at Blind Goat Food and Drink Co. Be sure to check them out. And as always, let them know NHIE sent you!

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