Well not quite, but Copperfish Seafood Grill and Oyster Bar recently invited us to a private, blogger friendly event introducing us to the new owners, Lorena and Gordon Davis, and some great food too! A week or two ago, we got a message from our blogger friend, Lora Hogan, inviting us to join her and some other bloggers at Copperfish to check out their great menu and highlighting some of their classic dishes and drinks. The quirkiest part of the event was the name. Wait for it…. #BloggerFish!

Copperfish Tampa Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay

I knew our favorite girl over at I Run For Wine would be joining, so when I walked in all by my lonesome, I knew to make a b-line for Megan. Megan and I only get to see each other once every month or two, so it’s always fun catching up. We grabbed a glass of wine and began digging in to some of the great shared dishes the chef had prepared for us to enjoy in the bar section of the restaurant. We chowed down on some great tasting Oaxaca Shrimp which reminded me of a take on “Bang Bang Shrimp” (so good) and Copperfish Grilled Oysters with Herb Butter, Parmesan and Romano Cheeses while sipping on some wine and chatting with the other “bloggerfish”.

Eventually, the time came to move into the private dining/party room in the way back of the restaurant (one which I had never been to before). The room was great! It was the perfect spot for many different types of event: a cocktail party, an intimate dinner party (like we were having), a networking event, birthday dinner, etc.

There was a table set for about twenty  with plenty of room for more guests, a bar set up in the corner, wrap around couches lining the walls of the room, private restrooms and a door to close to give the party some privacy.

Once seated, we all introduced ourselves more formally and we were then introduced to the wonderful owners of Copperfish, Lenora and Gordon Davis. They are a great couple who complement each other perfectly. They sat and enjoyed the entire meal with us (something I have never had the opportunity of enjoying before). The fact that the owners took time out of their busy schedules to sit with us and chat personally meant a lot and shows how committed they are to their business and brand.

We began our meal with a deliciously fresh Bibb Salad. It had sliced apples that gave it a nice crunch and was neatly dressed with a light dressing. Moving on to our main course, Megan and I began to devise a plan of attack for enjoying as much of a variety of main dishes as we could. We easily convinced our girl, Kat (@theKatLewis), to join in on our plan. So, we each ordered something different: I got the Hand Cut Rib Eye, Megan got the Black Grouper and Kat went for the Sea Scallops. In the end, it worked out beautifully….for ME! I lucked out by combining forces with my fellow bloggers to hit multiple flavorful dishes on the menu in one sitting. I would NEVER have been able to try all that had I been eating without other, open minded people.

The ribeye was cooked beautifully, the scallops were not fishy at all and the grouper was delicious! The wine was flowing comfortably throughout dinner and it took us right on into dessert. Conversation was great and it was fun to put a face to some of the other personalities we interact with on social media.

We ended the delicious meal with perfect, sugary treat. The Chocolate Souffle that was prepared was phenomenal. Granted, if you know me well, you know I am not a huge chocolate dessert fan, but this was in a world of its own. When I broke the top layer with my spoon, chocolate immediately oozed out. And the addition of the raspberries around the outside gave the dessert a fresh touch.

In the end, I really enjoyed the night. I got to hang with some great blogger friends, met some new ones, and enjoyed delicious food. I am looking forward to going back…especially for their brunch special! #brunchbuffet

Weekly Events

Mon-Friday Happy Hour

4pm-6:30pm in the bar/lounge and courtyard patio

Tuesday Ladies Night

630pm-10pm 1/2 off  drinks in the bar/lounge

Sunday Brunch

10am – 3pm

$25 Farm to Table Buffet, Raw Seafood Bar, Carving Station, and much, much more!

Add on $10 Bottomless Housemade Infused Vodka Bloody Mary’s, Housemade Sangria, and Mimosa’s



Disclosure: I received dinner through a Copperfish partnership in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. i love this post!!! Such a fun and delicious night. So happy I have a new “sharing plate” buddy. Tomorrow is going to be a record – seeing you twice in 2 weeks!!!! xx

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