So a few weeks ago, Ryan was surfing the interwebs and while on Instagram, he came across a picture of what most Instagrammers would call #foodporn. And so IT began…

We saw this picture and immediately were salivating. Upon liking the pic, the team at Family Table Catering replied to the post. They asked if they could send some food out for us to try and we thought, “Ummmmm DUH!”. Within 2 days, the food was delivered fresh to us in Hyde Park and ready to eat!

Once I brought the HUGE bag home, Ryan and I surveyed the package to come up with an action plan. Our package of food included:

1. (2) Strawberry & Spinach Salads w. Spring Minestrone Soup

2. (1) Roasted Veggie & Quinoa Bowl

3. (1) Grilled Lemon & Herb Chicken Breast

4. (1) Spanish Rub Pork Tenderloin

5. (1) Lemon Curd Pudding Dessert

With so much amazing looking and fresh made food, we knew we were in for a treat! We decided I would tackle the salads (since Ryan isn’t a goat cheese fan) and he would get the chicken (since it looked and smelled AMAZING). Then, I snagged the pork tenderloin for dinner and soup as a midweek snack while we agreed to share the quinoa bowl and dessert.

As easy as it was to get the food prepped and delivered to us, it was EVEN EASIER to prepare the meals when we were ready to eat them at home/work. They were labeled with heating directions as well as a coding system to let us know if the meals were gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, vegan, etc. This makes it really easy for those who have dietary restrictions to be sure they know what they are consuming.

We went through the week, without the hassle of grocery shopping or prepping for meals because, low and behold, Family Table Catering had it covered for us! It made the weeknights stress free and allowed us more time to focus on other things, like NHIE. Not to mention, there were minimal dishes that needed cleaning because they come in plastic containers that can be recycled.

If you look through the pictures we snagged, you will notice, there is one main item missing….the Dessert! Let’s just say it was clearly a fan favorite and therefore I had no shot at snagging a pic! As far as the other food, it was fresh, well cooked and kept well while waiting to be devoured in the fridge. The chicken and pork were juicy and not dried out, the veggies were flavorful and the soup may have been my favorite of all! If I could have timed myself, there is a chance I may have broken a record for the quickest to devour a soup in one sitting.

We would hands down recommend this company for anyone looking to practice come portion control as they eat, anyone looking to eat a healthier option, and anyone who is short on time after a long day of work that may want an alternative to fast food or the crappy frozen meals available at the grocery store. YUCK!

My main question was trying to figure out what made this company different than the others in the area. WELL, I am glad I inquired! The main difference in Family Table Catering Service is a more high end approach to prepared meals, similar to having a private chef to stock your fridge. These meals are sourced only after the order is placed (which is different from most other companies in the area). They are prepped from local farmers markets not made in bulk batches. We love this idea because it promotes our #everythinglocal approach to being in Tampa Bay. Additionally, Family Table is a TRUE family business that tries to uphold the highest standards for clients with constant menu testing and recipe development.

We had a great experience, so you should definitely follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up to date on the amazing dishes they provide throughout Tampa Bay!  And if you get the chance to test it out yourself, be sure to leave a review on their Yelp Page as well! We promise, you will NOT be disappointed! AND for a limited time, our friends at Family Table Catering Services are offering our friends a discount of 15% off of your first order using the promo code ” NHIE15″ in all caps at checkout so you can have the luxury of enjoying some meals as freshly made and carefully planned out as the ones you miss from home!

Eat your heart out! Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!



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