As many of you know, Ryan and I love to go on vintage hunts for unique items for our house. It has become a fun and exciting weekend adventure. Here are some of the places we have been scoping out lately for our place. (Photo Credit: NHIE Tampa Bay)

     Christopher Wayne Home

Located in Seminole Heights, this spot is new to the area. It is right next door to Rooster and the Till, so if you are looking for a unique stop for a mixture of old and new items for your home, look no further! We found a bunch of really fun items for the home and ended up settling on the blue couch below for our living room. David provides AWESOME customer service and was really helpful in pointing us in the right direction. They also do custom upholstery, slip covering, draperies and more. Check them out and then head next door for a bite to eat at Rooster and the Till. It’s a great combo for a weekend afternoon trip!


Schiller Salvage

If you have been following us for a while, you know how much we LOVE Charlie and Larry Schiller, owners of Schiller Salvage. Their space is a gathering of antique and vintage items that they can reinvent and repurpose into something totally new. If you are looking for reclaimed wood, slabs of granite from the old courthouse downtown (now home to Le Meridien), or even some funky letters from an old store front, you can find all you need here. The advice and creative styling they provide will be just what you need to make that project a reality in your home. Not to mention, the slideshow below shows some great artistic elements Charlie curated and created for the Coppertail Brewery Grand Opening in Ybor City.

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Vintage Post Marketplace

Also new to Seminole Heights, Vintage Post Marketplace boasts a variety of vendors looking to share their funky styles with customers. As you walk through the space, you are taken through many different decor styles and may even see a live demo being completed. When we stopped in during the grand opening, we watched a team sanding and repainting a dressed using chalk paint. It was very cool! Additionally, the back of the store includes a consignment shop for home furnishings, so if you aren’t in the market for a new item just yet, but are looking to take a few items off of your hands, this may be just what you are looking for.

Tampa Bay Salvage

Although it is quite a hike for us from South Tampa, I enjoyed the peaceful drive to Tampa Bay Salvage. It is located in Tarpon Springs right near the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, so I would suggest taking the ride out and making a lunch date out of it. You can search around the property, run by Joshua White and his wife, for all things salvage. What sets this stop apart from the others is that they also have upcycled items they have created on site that are one of a kind like wooden top tables and funky lighting fixtures (as shown below).

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Zazzoo’d is a really great design and decor store located in the heart of Downtown St. Pete. Featuring tons of creative items made in house, they carry both large and small items. When we visited a few months back, we found a set of books ends shaped like a mermaid’s body. It was repainted in a coral color and when we found a men’s bathroom symbol, we asked if they could paint it to match. They were all about it and within an hour, we were back to pickup our two unique purchases. They have tons of inventory that can be custom painted or refinished and moves quickly through the store. So, if you ever see something that catches your eye, you better move FAST!


Summer House MarketplaceOh Whatever Decor

These spots are located on S. Manhattan where you can find a slew of great vintage shops. Ranging from indoor and outdoor furniture, to art and custom pieces, they have it all for your home decor needs. What’s the best part? Well, every time we go in, we find a variety of great, vintage finds. So head on over to see all of the great products available this week.


Dang Chics

This spot is a bit off the beaten path. One day, on a drive down Adam Dr. towards Brandon, I caught this shop from across the way. When I went inside of this low key spot, I was surprised at the amount of cool things they had. I think the metal table with blue stand was probably my favorite. You should definitely check them out if you head in that direction.

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Hoping you find what you’re looking for,


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