Friday night, we got lit up- but not in the way you’re assuming (everyone calm down). Despite it being a Friday night in Tampa, we decided to keep things low key and  head over to Lowry Park Zoo for their new event, Zoominations.  With the boys off being fabulous at their Gala, I was lucky enough to be joined by our friend Milynn of Love and Whimsy. 

I have never been to the zoo and Milynn hadn’t been in years so we were excited to check things out. We walked in under a giant red gate and definitely knew we were in the right place. We continued under a lighted pathway and were suddenly in a different world. The giant plated towers were immaculate and we couldn’t wait to see more.


For the next hour we weaved in and out of different lands and saw pandas, zebras, fish and even dinosaurs completely lit. It’s no surprise that we had to find out how these creatures were created so we snuck a little feel (we noticed we weren’t the only ones) We learned each piece is put together by numerous Chinese craftsman by melding together frames. The fabric almost feels like pantyhose stretched across the frame. The LED lights made the colored fabric pop and they were certainly eye catching.


The entire experience is spread throughout the zoo so everywhere you turn there is something to look at. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any real animals but the illuminated animals were equally as cool. If you’re a parent looking to make a day of it, we definitely suggest doing the zoo during the day and staying to see the magic after dark.




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