Ybor is getting a new flavor and the bite that packs the biggest punch is The Blind Tiger Cafe, located at 1901 E. 7th Ave in the historic Ybor City district. Serving up delicious coffee brewed from Buddy Brew and teas made by TeBella Tea Company, this place knows how to keep customers craving more. Not only are they a cafe but, the Blind Tiger is also the home to local retailers, Black and Denim Apparel Company.

Black and Denim is a lifestyle brand created with 100% American raw materials and is inspired by Americana, Music and the American lifestyle. Specializing in clothes and accessories for both men and women and sold right here in Tampa Bay, Black and Denim promotes the “shop local” motto and invites customers to try their “made in America” apparel and leather goods.

This past week, we were invited to check out the space at 1901 E. 7th Ave for a media preview before the grand opening and found lots of cool design elements happening in the space. After a few seconds glancing around the room, we knew why we loved the decor so much… Schiller Salvage had put their touch on the space! Working to transform an old, beat up office space into a funky and sleek new cafe and textile shop was not an easy task, but The Blind Tiger Cafe has done just that.

And I almost forgot… the above is only HALF of the space at the location. In the adjoining space next store, CoWork Ybor has opened up shop. CoWork Ybor offers a space for creatives to utilize aside from their home or office to work. It provides killer WiFi and a funky space for people to come and work and gain support from like-minded individuals in the community.


All in all, this new addition to Ybor City has so much to offer there is no doubt you need to stop in and check it out! Veronica from the Cafe and Chris and Roberto from Black and Denim have created an experience that you have to go and see for yourselves. The grand opening is this Thursday, November 13th from 5-7pm, so head on down to Ybor City to check out this awesome new edition to Tampa Bay! And when you do, be sure to grab a coffee, some new threads and enjoy 1901 E. 7Th Ave!

– Nicholas
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  1. We’re so excited for Blind Tigers opening. I feel like Ybor is finally getting the right type of establishments once again. I may have to take a walk down there at lunchtime. Buddy Brew AND TeBella in my backyard is a very scary for me. PS – did you hear about Cigar City’s new cider bar opening in Ybor? Happy Dance!

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