zeal 1


We all know that I am quick to find a need to go shopping for household items for no real reason, so when we heard our friends at Rarehues were having a party and ribbon cutting for the newly- added Zeal Coffee Roasters that is located inside their store, I found a way to “clear my schedule” to make it there on Friday night to check it out!

Zeal Coffee Roasters has its original location in Lutz, a bit of a hike for this South Tampanian, but none the less, we followed them closely on social media and a few months ago and Allison and I were lucky enough to check out their mobile, Cold Brew party Bus to snag a taste of the coffee they make!

zeal 2

From our past trips to Rarehues, I knew that they serve up some really unique housing gifts, furniture, jewelry and more (all with a modern, vintage twist). With the addition of Zeal Coffee Roasters opening within the market, they now serve up even more awesomeness to customers. When we walked up to the counter, we were immediately intrigued by the design of the coffee shop. It was very modern and sleek with varying tones of gray with pops of crisp white (our favorite)! I ordered myself a iced caramel latte, white I chugged down during one lap around the store. We are so happy for both our friends at Rarehues and Zeal Coffee Roasters for all of their continued success and look forward to many more shopping experiences while sipping on a coffee to keep me moving (Shh, just don’t tell Ryan).

Vintage Tampa Bay Carrollwood
Rarehues Modern Vintage Market



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