So as you know, we love uncovering the secret spots in Tampa Bay. Well, a few weeks back, Allison, Ryan and I decided to spend a free Sunday enjoying two of our favorite things: Brunching and Geocaching. We started by checking out the geocaching app that Ryan installed on his phone a while back to see a small area in town that was heavily populated with caches to make our search easy.

Once we narrowed down our search spot to Ybor City, we were on the way to planning the day. Next up, food. So we started, as we normally do, thinking about where we have been already, places we have heard about, and what the reviews have to say. Cue…Yelp. After seconds of throwing out ideas, The Bricks Of Ybor was on the table and we all were ready to go!

Bricks Ybor Bar
The Bar at The Bricks

It was early in the afternoon on a Sunday during the World Cup, so the assumption was that we may have to “indulge in libations” while waiting for a table. Twist our arms why don’t you? But, to our surprise, this was not the case at all. We walked in, found a table in view of the soccer game being projected and were ready to enjoy our meal. After scouring the menu for a few minutes, we realized the breakfast portion of the menu wasn’t very lengthy, so that made my choice easy. I went for the bbq chicken quesadillas. Pictured below, they were served alongside freshly made house salsa. It was exactly what i was hoping for to fill me up for a day of searching Ybor City for caches with my favorite cache crew. Ryan opted for a Brick House Salad, pictured top left, that is served with mixed greens, onions, cucumbers, cheese, tomato, bacon and balsamic vinaigrette. Allison found the perfect balance of delicious and healthy when she opted for the Proper Grilled Cheese with a side salad. Fun fact: lots of the produce used in their menu items come directly from above the dining area. The roof is closed off and used as a garden to help the restaurant be more Green (We LOVE sustainability features at local spots).

Bricks Ybor Food
Delicious Food at The Bricks

Side note: seeing as it was a relaxing Sunday Funday, Ryan decided to adventure out of the ordinary to try a Cucumber Saison from one of our fave local breweries, Cigar City. The only problem was once it came, it was anything but tasty. After passing it around, the consensus was that we felt as though we were drinking out of a pickle jar. No bueno! Don’t worry everyone, we still have lots of love for our peeps at CCB, so we will continue to sip on our Florida Cracker Ale and Jai Alai.

Art at The Bricks Ybor
Bricks Ybor Patio Art

After our delicious meal, we settled up our checks and got ready to leave. As we left, we stopped in the back patio to check out what it had to offer. We were pleasantly surprised to find lots of awesome art painted right on the walls of the brick building. We even commented that the patio would make a cool spot for a night of cocktails (stay tuned). It definitely has that “rooftop bar in NYC” kinda feel to it.

Art at The Bricks Ybor
Bricks Ybor Patio Art

All in all, The Bricks was great and we look forward to heading back one night to enjoy their “Daily BS”. Yes, I said B-S. These are their “Brick Specials”. Check them ALL out below. Oh and P.S. Rumor has it… the past, they have hosted an old-school nintendo gaming night. How cool is that??!

Daily Specials at The Bricks Ybor

– Nicholas
The Bricks of Ybor on Urbanspoon

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