Those of you that have known Ryan and I for a while know that we love finding unique yet modern decor pieces for our house. Ever since we bought our place a little over a year ago, we love to find one-of-a-kind items to make our house a home. Now yes, Brocante Market in St. Pete has helped us a bit, but Carrollwood has recently gotten its own, vintage market, that is helping too. Rarehues Modern Vintage Market is an ecclectic mix of old and new, with styles ranging from traditional to country to contemporary and much more!

Vintage Tampa Bay Carrollwood
Rarehues Modern Vintage Market

We were invited out as part of the grand opening of the shop and when we pulled up, we were surprised to see that the store is located in a very, very familiar location! Walking up to the storefront, we could see our friends at Golfer’s Grail  not far down from Rarehues.

Vintage Tampa Bay Decor
Rarehues Modern Vintage Market

Walking in, you will an entire store filled with odds and ends, jewelry and art, for all types of design aesthetics. Designers basically rent out a space in the store and keep it stocked with vintage and modern pieces that create a vignetter for that area of the store. What’s great about Rarehues is the fact that the style ranges from country to modern to vintage and everything in between. I can honestly with utmost confidence that there is something for everyone when you come visit this great new spot.

Vintage Tampa Bay
Rarehues Modern Vintage Market


Not only did we find an awesome model of the Empire State Building for our Ode to NY guest room, but we also snagged ourselves some new plants for our dining room with a planter made from a pallet and another made from a repurposed wine chiller.


Vintage Tampa Bay Decor
Rarehues Modern Vintage Market Finds

So if you are in the “market” for some modern and/or vintage finds, look no further than Rarehues in Carrollwood. Don’t forget to say hey to owners, Jenn and Juan for us!

Photobooth NHIE Tampa
Rarehues Photobooth


P.S. We made a funny FlipAGram for your enjoyment!

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