If you live in Hyde Park, then you know it’s usually pretty obvious to see when a new business is opening. However, last summer, I was grabbing a smoothie at Smoothie King when I noticed they were getting a bit of a facelift.When I asked the workers about the new digs, they explained that the owners had bought the space directly next door and were planing to open an “Espresso Bar”. My new found love of coffee was intrigued (thanks to Ryan), so I kept my eyes peeled each day as I passed on my way to work for any new developments. As the months passed, the barren space began to fill with workers, materials and eventually, a clear glass garage type door at the entrance. Fruitwood Stand Up market was born.

Fast forward to a few months later, when Ryan and I decided to go and check it out for the first time. Our first trip their was just to sniff it out. We checked out the menu, what they had to offer and grabbed a juice to refresh our bodies after a short jog around Hyde Park. We enjoyed the juices and agreed we would come back, but it took a little while. Once we went back the second time for food though, WE FELL IN LOVE! We have been going ever since whenever we are looking for a quick, fresh snack or to hydrate with some house lemonade.

We were feeling a bit hungry and heard some really good things about the flatbreads they were now serving on their expanded menu, so we figured it was a perfect opportunity for us to stop in for a quick bite. After agreeing on a flatbread, we went for the AJ’s Pink Flamingo flatbread and washed it down with their “House Lemonade”. The flatbread consisted of arugula, cheese, prosciutto, and pistachios with a honey mustard drizzle on top. As that was being prepared from scratch and cooked in the wood-burning stove they have in-house, we taste tested the lemonade and immediately knew what we were going to have to drink. The “House Lemonade” is made using the juice of freshly pressed apples and lemons….SO GOOD!

The pizza was ready in record time, and we brought it outside to eat at the bar top. The weather was perfect for outside dining and they even have tvs right out front, so you won’t miss your favorite game. After coming down from the high of that experience, we were playing tennis a few days later with Allison and a few friends, and eventually worked up an appetite (it doesn’t take much). When we started brainstorming where to eat, Ryan and I immediately suggested Fruitwood. The girls were in, so we headed over.

Walking in, we were greeted and welcomed by the guys (as always) and we quickly made our choices. Ryan and I decided to change it up and went for the turkey sandwich flatbread. It was great! The girls ordered a Hawaiian flatbread, a Coral reefer and the AJ like we had at our previous visit. One thing the girls really liked was how fast the food was ready and how FRESH it was. Something else we learned during this visit is that they also have an Espresso Bar, freshly squeezed juices for all you healthy “juice heads” and a small selection of fresh produce.


It was so cool when I was checking out and noticed our favorite hand-poured candles made right in Ybor by Seventh Avenue Apothecary on the counter. During Gasparilla, they were carrying the exclusive “Gasparilla scent” made here in Tampa! How fun?! I have to say, each time we have visited, the guys that work there have been extremely welcoming and seem genuinely interested in not only providing us with great food, but with an overall great experience. So, if you are in the mood for some fresh made food and drink and don’t mind making a friend or two in the process, then head over to Fruitwood Standup Market in Hyde Park and meet the guys. Make sure you tell them we sent you!





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