Yes, you read that right! The Datz family is soon expanding. If you haven’t heard, the company will be welcoming the newest member of their family, Roux, to the Bay area very soon. Located in the former location of Wimauma, Roux boasts the flavor of the south. Right after my recent trip to Nawlins, Louisiana (as they pronounce it there), our friend, Isabel at Family Foodie, invited us to an exclusive Sunday Supper Tasting Event at the new restaurant. Although the weather was in rare form and it seemed that the rain was coming down in sheets, we weathered the storm (literally), and tested out some of their signature menu items. Here’s some of the food off of the menu we had the opportunity to taste:


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Of all of the menu items, the favorites I enjoyed most were the Shrimp Bordelaise, the Snapper, and the Smoked Duck Spring Rolls. At let me be the first to say that coming off of a trip to New Orleans, this food was right in line with the delicious flavors tasted while visiting.

In addition to foodie items, we also got to try some signature drinks too! They offered a bloody mary, a cucumber flavored cocktail called “Pimm’s Cup”, a champagne and gin based cocktail called “French 75”, the “Passion Fruit Hurricane” made with rum and an absinthe based drink called the “Sazerac”. As you can imagine, my favorites were the Hurricane and the French 75 (pictured in the slideshow above in the fancy glasses).

roux 1


All in all, Datz has done it again. Roux is going to take the area by storm and we look forward to heading back once it opens for some more tastes of the south. Keep your eyes peeled for grand opening info to come on their Facebook page. Until then, I will sit back and enjoy a Hurricane or two while I wait.


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