With the amount of things we all have going on lately, we usually have to send each other calendar invites to make sure we keep everything straight. So when something unexpected comes up, it’s always a struggle to get things together. A few weeks back, when Nicholas texted me asking my plans, I was thankful I had nothing going on, because we had just gotten tickets to Pepin Distributing’s Brews with Attitude Event. We had heard about the event for a while but hadn’t planned on going as it fell on a Tuesday night but hey- Carpe Diem!

I scooped up Nicholas and we headed over to Swann Ave. Market to pick up our tickets (thanks Baily & Chris!) With that, we were off to Pepin to get our beer sampling on . The event was in full swing when we arrived and we had to park a few blocks away, but luckily they had golf carts to shuttle people back and forth. After we were given our “beer menus” and cups, we were ready to get started. We decided it was in our best interest to do a lap first to determine our plan of attack and after surveying our choices, we kicked things off with a Florida Ave Pale Ale (gotta keep things local!)


Next up, we headed over to Kona Brewing Co. As first timers, we consulted others in line who directed us to try out their Fire Rock Pale Ale. Definitely a good choice! Next up we went across the way to Big Storm. This time we weren’t first timers and knew exactly what to ask for- Arcus IPA. After that we headed a few tents down to Coppertail Brewery. After being at a few events where Coppertail was served, we were excited to try this one again. Bad news for me- the keg was tapped. After a few short minutes we were back up and running and my cup was full. Once we finished up with our Wheatstroke beers, we decided to take a break.


Our break didn’t last long after we checked out the merchandise and we cruised over to 3 Daughters Brewing. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their tasting room over in St. Pete- what are you waiting for? Not only does their facility have a bar, but it also has ping pong tables, corn hole, darts and other bar games for you and your friends to play while enjoying your brew. We suggest the Beach Blonde Ale. Next up, Blue Point. I was particularly excited about this one as I’ve actually had a chance to go to their brewery on Long Island. I went with my favorite, their Summer Ale while Nicholas enjoyed their Blueberry Ale.

In the midst of our drinking, instagraming and tweeting, we were pleased to see that our friend and guest blogger, Patty from Will Work For Travel, was at the event. After meeting up with her and her husband, Isaac, we wish we had been with them all night. Isaac was like a beer connoisseur and advised us which beers to chose from the tents we checked out. We grabbed a Long Hammer from Red Hook and Nicholas finished off the night with a Honker’s Ale from Goose Island.


After years of drinking Bud Light (don’t judge me) blogging has really expanded my craft beer knowledge and palate (is it still considered a palate if it’s a drink and not food?). Either way, I can’t say that I’m upset about it. We had such an awesome time at the event and it was great to see friends (old & new!). We’re already looking forward to next year’s event, but to hold you over until then, check out the chatter around the event here!



Cheers, friends!


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