After a successful weekend of birthday fun, we woke up late Sunday morning to head to The Taste of South Tampa in Hyde Park Village. We made a stop before we went in to meet up with our friend, Susan, the winner of our giveaway. After snapping a quick pic, we made our way to the front of the line and headed on in to enjoy some delicious treats.

As soon as we stepped inside, we were ambushed by our buddy from Fruitwood Standup Market  yelling for us to try “the freshest salad” in Tampa. After munching on the salad and flatbread, I opted out of the fresh squeezed juice seeing as I am highly allergic to liquified beets (a whole nother story for a different time). We grabbed some iced tea from China Mist and were on our way to eat through Tampa. Here’s a rundown of the highlights of our food tour:

taste collage3

1. Inside the box Catering– chicken and waffle sandwich with a syrup drizzle. This was BY FAR our favorite of the day…..the bomb dot com (Spoiler Alert: It snagged our vote for best dish).

2. Big Crush Slush– Arnold palmer with fresh raspberry puree and white peach puree. This was AWESOME! It was refreshing and each had their own twist. We are DEFINITELY looking to work with these guys in the future!

3. Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore Airport– Elvis Milkshake (Peanut butter, banana, bacon, and BOURBON combined with creamy vanilla bean ice cream) and bbq slider. Milkshake was a bold choice for the hot, Florida weather, but Rob and I took our chances and it actually had a pretty interesting taste. I could definitely have another!

4. Kona Grill– Pork and mashed potatoes. Rob said the pork had great flavor and the mashed potatoes tasted fresh too!

taste collage

5. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza– fresh made meatballs and sauce. These reminded me of the meatballs my mom makes from home. They were extremely moist and delicious!

6. Grimaldi’s– Bruschetta and Canoli. Recently opened in Westshore Plaza, this booth provided some good dishes too. The bruschetta was a nice snack to enjoy as we continued on our walk.

7. Rollin’ Oats– Fressh Greek salad medley and a quinoa falafel with tzatziki. Ryan found the salad and falafel to be really fresh and devoured the WHOLE thing! A MUST try!

taste collage2

Of course, no NHIE day is complete without some dranks (intended spelling error). We stopped and sipped on some bubbly from Cooper’s Hawk. Ryan took a short break here as he enjoyed a free, five minute massage from Massage Envy. He eventually caught back up to us, feeling nice and well-adjusted as we headed over to the Florida Cane’s Distillery to try out a shot of blueberry lemonade vodka. Not being vodka drinkers, it surprisingly was pretty good. Ryan and I also tried a Two Henry’s Brewery IPA beer before heading out for the afternoon.

All in all, it was a fun day at the Taste of South Tampa. A few recommendations for the future… more food and drink vendors that are LOCAL would be cool to see and less non-foodie vendors would be nice.  It was a bit hotter for an outdoor event than we would have liked (mainly because we were partying the prior night away with celebratory birthday drinks). Luckily for us, there were lots of stops along the way where we could keep hydrated in the Florida heat.  The South Tampa Chamber of Commerce put on a nice event to close out my birthday weekend and we look forward to attending the event again for its 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY next year!


Eat on!


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