A new year symbolizes many things; a chance to start fresh, forget the past, move on, move up, start anew, but New Year’s Eve symbolizes one more chance to reflect upon the past year, enjoy a few drinks, party the night away with your closest friends, and if you’re very lucky- share a midnight kiss with someone you probably won’t remember come 10am. On such a crazy party night there are tons of parties to choose from. First Night in St. Pete, Jackson’s, house parties.. but this year, one stood above the rest- literally. We decided to ring in the New Year high above Hyde Park at The Rooftop Eve.

After last year’s successful Masquerade Noir themed celebration, they decided to up the ante with this year’s Cabaret En Rouge. Let me tell you, this was no easy feat and we spent literally hours coming up with something to wear. Mission failed on my end but the boys were looking sharp in their red, black and gray ensembles. Tuesday night finally came and as night fell upon us it was time to get the party started. We had some friends over to the house for some appetizers and a pregame before grabbing a cab over to Timpanos in Hyde Park. From here it was just a short elevator ride, stair climb, or golf cart ride up to the top.

We had been to the top of the parking garage before for Wicked Yoga, but when we got to the top it was unlike anything we’d ever seen. There was a large tent like structure that included multiple rooms, lounge areas, bathrooms, a stage, dance floor, tons of bars and even better, tons of people. We were so excited to get inside and check everything out so we grabbed a drink and started exploring. Despite our difficulty trying to find a cabaret inspired outfit others certainly succeeded. I was so impressed by some of the outfits I saw and even more impressed with how dedicated these people were to the theme of the night. Kudos to them!


We ran into so many people we knew and quickly realized we made the right choice of parties for New Year’s Eve. This was definitely the place to be. We headed over to the cabana with the rest of our friends and enjoyed listening to the music of Lovestruck Robot. The drinks were included in our tickets and they were flowing all night. At midnight our friend Ryan Nece headed up on stage for the champagne toast. We counted down, the ball dropped and confetti fell from the sky. The view of the fireworks from the rooftop was amazing as the night continued.


The party went till 3 but we clearly weren’t going to make it that long. While we paid for it the next day it was definitely worth it. We would for sure recommend this New Year’s Party to ages young and old (over 21 obviously). It’s a great night to celebrate with a group of friends or that special someone to ring in the new year. And with the theme changing from year to year it’s guaranteed to never be the same.


So now that we have recovered and are days into 2014, here’s to looking ahead and wishing everyone a happy and healthy year! – Allison

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