When you walk into Copper Fish, you are greeted with an array of actual fish made of copper, but what draws you in is the smell of fresh fish on the grill. At first the hostess planned to seat us next to the grill in the main dining room so we quickly asked her to seat us somewhere that wouldn’t be so blazing HOT. Not to mention our reservation was for a booth in the bar area overlooking the fountain, so without hesitation the hostess reseated us.

image (6)

As we sat in the booth by the fountain we could still smell the aroma of grilled oysters that filled the bar area. Fortunately, my father was in town so he ordered up a dozen of them, otherwise Nicholas and I would never had tried them… let me tell you… I do not like oysters, almost to the point that they offend me, but these oysters changed my mind. Grilled, who knew you could grill those slimy things, then cover them in garlic, butter and cheesy deliciousness. Well now you do. I would highly recommend them to sea food lovers and even to those of us that would never consider it. These oysters were delicious! We also ordered some fried calamari with Sriracha mayo. It was also fantastic.

CopperFish Grilled Oysters
CopperFish Grilled Oysters

For the main course I opted for a center cut filet because, as I mentioned, sea food is not really my thing. I urged Nicholas to order the crispy fish tacos in hopes that I could try a bite. SPOILER… I never made it to the fish tacos because my steak was awesome! My father and our other friend that was visiting ordered meat dishes as well, ribeye and a burger. Both were very pleased with how they were cooked and tasted. My father also ordered a lobster as a side! It was way too much to eat so we did our best to clean our plates.

Center Cut Filet
Center Cut Filet
Crispy Fish Tacos
Crispy Fish Tacos
Grilled Asparagus & Garlicky Spinach
Grilled Asparagus & Garlicky Spinach

I have to say I was surprised at how well the steak was cooked, especially for a fish specialty restaurant. Its very comforting to know that even those that do not like sea food could still have a great experience at Copper Fish.

House Burger
House Burger

It was a Saturday night so most of the restaurant was full and the bar was live with energy. The football game was on so the patrons were loud and excited. The bar was loaded with plasmas but if you want a more romantic “date night” experience there is a lot of room in the main dining area and outside. Copper Fish also offers valet parking for $5, so you don’t have to worry about parking. A sure problem for the previous restaurants that came and went.

image (5)

This is a great place for date night, a comfortable hangout for those of us that are sick of crowded bars and (of course) a great place to grab a nice surf or turf meal.  It is a great addition to South Howard and we hope it sticks around. We have a feeling it will because it belongs to the same group that is responsible for Boca and Ciro’s Speakeasy.

Happy Dining-


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