It takes very little twisting of our arms to get us to go out and enjoy a few drinks.

“Let’s run up to the Patio and get a drink…”

“Let’s go grab margaritas at Green Lemon!”

“Is there wine at the house?”

Now, that’s not to say were alcoholics or anything, but were a group of twenty somethings that live within walking distance of multiple bars and occasionally we just need a good strong tequila and sprite to take away the stresses of our young adult lives. The Hard Rock obviously felt our pain when they invited us out to check out their Hot Summer Nights Pool Party on Friday, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

With school starting for Nicholas, a trip to Chicago for the boys, a wedding in NJ for me… we had a lot going on the month of September, so when we received this invite we were all in need for a night out. Now we’ve told you about the awesome hotel they hooked us up with, and the delicious dinner we were treated too, but now I get to tell you about the real fun- the party!

After dinner we met up with Emily of the Hard Rock who set us up with drink tickets and wristband that allowed us two free drinks that their shot girls were passing out. The drinks featured Tequila Avion,  Absolut, Absolut Tune & Malibu. Holy drinks! We headed towards the bar to grab our first drink of the night and gathered around one of the high top tables. We looked around and determined this was a perfect place for a party. With a bar at either end it was easy to get a drink, there was plenty of room to dance and the atmosphere was amazing. If you got hungry, you could run inside and grab something to eat, once the pool party was over, you could continue on to one of their many bars inside, if you’ve had a little too much- you can crash in one of their awesome hotel rooms. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for fun.


Around 9:30 we headed over to the step and repeat where we were introduced to Jayde, of Hot 101.5’s Morning Show. We were so confused why she was on the radio. Gorgeous, hilarious and definitely a party animal we headed to the bar to grab shots for the group. We told her tequila was our drink of choice and being the team player she is, she ordered up a round of Johnny Vegas. By the time we were on our second drink the party started to fill up. With the liquor flowing we hit the dance floor that was packed thanks to DJ Change. While dancing it was great to see all the different groups of people who came out. Parents with their kids, girls out for the night, guys trolling for said girls, people who just happened outside when they were gambling; all different ages were represented.


The pool party ended at 12 but the party didn’t stop as everyone headed inside to enjoy more drinks and gamble. Our group thought it better not to drink & gamble and headed to the main bar. After a few more, we decided to call it a night and cab it back to the hotel (safety first fools) The only thing we are upset about is the fact that we waited this long to check it out. It was the last Hot Summer Night’s Pool Party, but definitely not the last time we’ll be at the Hard Rock. Whether we are winning, or losing- we are always having a great time. Thanks to the Hard Rock for an awesome time, you always know how to throw a party!


– Allison

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