So this weekend,  Ryan, Rob and I made our way into Ybor to check out Icona Pop in concert. With all of the hype surrounding the new collaboration between Czar and The Ritz Ybor, we were looking forward to the first concert event since the “Grand Opening” two nights earlier. Obviously, it was raining when we pulled into Ybor (seeing as it’s summer in Tampa UGHHH). We parked in the garage and dashed over to the ticket booth, that of course, WAS UNCOVERED. As we stood waiting for the girl behind the glass to find our tickets, we discussed how CRAZY it was that this awesome concert venue doesn’t have covering for their guests.

We eventually got dried off and as we walked inside the new and improved Ritz, we were intrigued by all of the updating that was done. The main hallway was repainted in Czar’s signature color combo of red and gold. The one big room that is open to the hallway on the left was repainted as well in a cool blue tone with a newly finished metal top bar and coolers from one end to the other were filled with bottles upon bottles of Russian Vodka. We didn’t realize until we got there that the concert was presented by BedHead, and they even had salon stylists on tap for concert goers to enjoy a complimentary make over (not a bad deal for a ticket that cost less than a lawn seat at most other venues).


We met up with our contact at The Ritz who explained to us that the grand opening had gone really well and the biggest renovation went into the ceiling of the main concert room. We were so excited to see how it looked, however, it was NOT going to be used during the concert. BUMMER!


While waiting for Icona Pop to come on, we hung around and listened to Sirah’s opening performace. Afterwards, we were able to snag her for a chat while having her sign a copy of her poster for us! This girl is the real deal. From Long Island, has really cool style and her sense of humor was infectious! After we hung with her for a bit, we got back to our spot on the dance floor in the main room. The stage was set for the ladies to get going and boy were we BLOWN AWAY by their performance. Not knowing most of their songs meant NOTHING at this show because the energy was crazy high and everyone danced along to song after song.

All in all, the concert was AMAZING and we had a great time at the newly renovated Ritz Ybor. We highly suggest checking out the new space and can’t wait to experience the crazy ceiling for ourselves in person. Until the next show….


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