I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but recently we’ve been going nonstop, so I finally purchased my ticket to get on the coffee train. Now that I am hooked, I have been on the market to find the best cup of joe in Tampa. Cue Jet City Espresso. Being a teacher, I know a LOT of adults with kids in the area. After the school year ends and students graduate, not many parents keep in touch. This is definitely NOT the case with Jessica Glover. Since her son left my class, I see her out and about on the regular. I recently saw her at an event and she invited me and Ryan to come check out her coffee shop. Jet City Espresso is located at 318 S Edison Ave. in Hyde Park. It’s not the type of place you will stumble upon easily because it is actually a part of Jessica’s home. She has converted one of the rooms into the coffee shop and Jessica does all of the baking and cooking in house (literally).

So Saturday morning, Ryan and I did some work around the house and then headed over to grab a coffee and snack (Yes! I know….it’s awesome that the joint is open 7 DAYS A WEEK!). From the outside, Jet City has quite a lot of character. There’s an area on the porch to sit outside after buying yourself a quick pick me up. FYI Jessica has got you covered on EVERY aspect of the experience. She strategically placed a basket of bug spray on the porch for patrons to use if needed (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Anyways, heading inside, there’s not much to the shop. Its a small room with a few places to sit and a counter to order from. Decorating the room are a bunch of cool art pieces painted by Jessica herself and some other knick knacks.

CW4XpxgIHMgvlUAs for the menu, it is loaded with lots of awesome options! After reading it over, I decided on an Almond Joy and Ryan got the Caramello. While Jess made our drinks, we asked about some of the yummy looking snacks she had displayed on the counter. She easily sold us on some scones (Bacon, Asiago, Jalapeno for me and Bacon and Asiago for Ry) and then we also snatched up a piece of her famous orange pumpkin spiced gluten free cake. For any Paleo lovers out there, she also has brownies and other treats you can enjoy.

PicMonkey Collage

We grabbed our drinks and the snacks we chose and found a seat out on the porch. I have only had maybe 2 other scones in my life, and now…..I’M HOOKED! The bacon was crispy, the jalapeno added just the right touch of flavor, and I scarfed mine down in record time. After we finished the scones, we got on our way to run some errands. As we pulled away, Ryan wasn’t completely satisfied with eating just a scone for breakfast, so we broke into the slice of cake. After my first bite I literally had to pull over to enjoy more because it was SOOOOOOOO delicious! We were both so surprised at how good it was, especially for it being gluten free! As for our drinks, I decided on the Almond Joy and pun intended it was quite a joy! I chose to go for a double shot of espresso following Jessica’s recommendation and I asked for it iced. It was finished off with some whipped cream and tiny chocolate chips on top. It had a hint of coconut, just like the candy. Ryan’s drink is Jet City’s version of the “Caramel Macchiato” you get at Starbucks. Way Better!

Luckily for me, Jet City is on my way to work, so I NOW know where I will be going to grab myself a morning jolt of energy on my way to school! Check out Jet City Espresso and tell Jessica we sent you! I promise you will NOT be disappointed.



Check Jessica’s page out on Facebook: Jet City Espresso



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