Now I’m not one to be all knowing about the DJ circuit and I can’t really say I know too many big names. However, I heard about DJ LX8 around the office, yes we talk about night life and DJ’s during my day job, and was intrigued. I jumped onto Sound Cloud and started listening to a few of his tracks. Once I heard more I knew I had to see him live.

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DJ LX8 is a resident DJ at Ivory Lounge in downtown Sarasota. For anyone that doesn’t know, a resident DJ is a DJ that is a regular at a club. Some may know Sarasota for its number 1 beaches but it’s also home to some great clubs, restaurants, and shops. I know what you must be thinking, “Sarasota? That’s a far drive for a DJ!” That’s what I always thought, but then I realized St. Pete is about half the distance from downtown Tampa to Sarasota, which means Sarasota is really only about an hour and a half away; that’s not too bad to experience a new DJ.  The boys and I decided to take a short drive south to Sarasota and made a little weekend get-a-way out of it.

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Ivory Lounge is a medium-sized nightclub and has a modern look with white couches in the VIP area and an outside patio. We got to the lounge just before 11, which was a little early still for the crowd to get there. The lack of people at the beginning didn’t matter though; we had good company and great music starting the night off. We even got to hang out in the DJ booth a little bit. DJ LX8 played a great mixture of tunes and the beats kept coming. The crowd picked up (Ivory sold out their VIP tables) and the music just got better and better. DJ LX8 definitely read the room and knew exactly what they wanted to hear; there wasn’t a break in dancing once Ivory was packed.

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DJ LX8 played a good mixture of top 40, hip-hop, and house/techno. I keep talking about the music; however reading about his music won’t give it justice. I must say everyone should check him out on Sound Cloud or iTunes. Overall we had an amazing experience; Ivory had a great sound system, dance floor, and lighting equipment. One thing we saw people learn the hard way was to not dance right under the smoke machines, it tends to drop debris over your head. Check out this short clip

We definitely didn’t regret this weekend trip south. It changed my view on DJ’s. He even passed out some great swag, neon glasses! I’ll be sure to check out DJ LX8 again. He is also available to guest DJ’s at other nightclubs and private parties.

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