Last weekend we had the opportunity to take part in Tampa’s fourth annual Social Media Day. That’s right, a whole day dedicated to celebrating the digital revolution that is taking place all around the world, but as our name says it, focusing on it here in Tampa Bay. We are advocates of Tampa Bay so this was a great way for us to showcase our blog in front of some of the top influencers in the bay area. Plus we were so excited that The Postcard Inn (PCI) on St Pete Beach was the host because we were able to get a few rooms and spend the night on the beach.


The goal of the event is to make our online connections richer by meeting those people in person. Its a great way to meet the people behind those twitter handles and get to know those who are making strides online. Its about sharing opinions on upcoming trends, not about comparing Klout scores. That is why we stepped up and supported the event as a sponsor… and we were in good company. Some of the other sponsors AsSeenOnTV, Inc, Busch Gardens, KiMedia Strategies, Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, EXMO, TropicCool, and of course PCI all realized the impact that an in person social meetup could have on their online presence.

AsSeenOnTV, Inc came out to gather some more content for their social platforms so the company prepared an awesome giveaway basket and asked people to tweet, Instagram and Facebook pictures of themselves with ASTV products to enter. PCI, Startup Weekend and TropicCool provided food for the occasion. Busch Gardens provided stilt walking entertainment and giveaways while Exmo and KiMedia Strategies were keeping the event organized and exciting.


So I did mention food and you know that I can’t just breeze over it… Pulled pork sliders were provided by Postcard Inn, vegetarian and beef hot dogs were provided by Startup Weekend and TropicCool provided some killer ice pop samples made with a tried and true family recipe. There was truly something for everyone in the family… the vegetarian, the meat lover and the sweet tooth. Datz was also kind enough to send awesome snack bags packed with Bacon Brittle Popcorn, so if you know Datz, bacon is their thing and this popcorn was a great mix of sweet & salty with the essence of bacon (You have to experience it to really understand).

As a sponsor of the event, we were provided a table or “booth” to showcase our blog. I must say, overall it was very well received by everyone that came by and naturally it caused them to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. As a way to thank people for connecting with us, we randomly gave away four Rays T-shirts. It was a great way for us to talk about our upcoming Sunday Funday that we are planning this August (c’mon ask us about it).

Overall, the event was a great success and it was great to connect with so many social savvy people and businesses here in Tampa. I can’t wait until next year! Social Media Day is June 30 every year so Save the Date! 

Did I mention that we were on the beach? Originally, the event was planned to be outside on the lawn area at PCI, between the lobby and pool (does it get better than this) but the rain was not in our favor. So the event was moved in doors to a beautiful banquet room with a balcony that overlooked the lawn area. It actually worked out perfectly… air conditioned, spacious and we could enjoy all the food without any of the bugs. PCI is a great location to spend a weekend away, a special occasion or just for a day in the sun.

Make today social,



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