Recently, Ryan and I bought ourselves a townhouse! After living in Tampa for over five years, it just seemed only logical to settle down here for a bit. We began our search online, and once we narrowed down some options, we called Brad Chais of Chais Realty. Brad had worked with a few friends of ours in the past, so we knew we were setting ourselves up for success by calling his team. Brad lives in Hyde Park, so his schedule was very flexible during the week (as he met us most week nights after work). After discussing our criterion and narrowing down our choices, we finally found the house of our dreams!


Now, you would think that the process of finding and buying a home would be stressful, but NOT with Chais Realty! As we got further into the  buying process, Brad provided us access to his STACKED team of people to help along the way. We spoke with a wonderful Mortgage Consultant, Katie Hughes, from Prospect Mortgage, LLC, who helped crunch numbers and work through calculations. This was a HUGE help as I am NOT the savviest mathematician and there were so many things we would have never known to take into account when calculating a monthly mortgage payment.

Along the way, we also had a chance to work with our Closing Coordinator, Leann Graefe, from Leann was tasked with keeping up on our big buy via email and phone on a 24/7 basis. She touched base weekly, sometimes even daily, to be sure we felt comfortable, things were running smoothly, and we had done the tasks she had reminded us the previous time we spoke. I know for Ryan and I, with our busy work schedules and after-work activities we always have going on during the week, we would have totally forgotten something off the never ending list of tasks a new homebuyer needs to complete. She was a life saver and walked with us EVERY single step of the way as we bought our new place.


T2559051_2Lastly, on the day of our closing, Ryan and I went to sign our contract and got to meet ANOTHER member of  Team Chais, Emery Johannes. Emery is a newer member to Team Chais, but she sat alongside us throughout the closing process and kept us feeling comfortable as we waited for the bank to process our paperwork. So, make sure to connect with Brad Chais of Team Chais on ALL social media platforms to help you along the way as you find yourself a place of your home here in this awesome city of Tampa!


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