Seems our timing is perfect (as it often times isn’t) to follow-up our WAVZ post with this sure to be loved post about this weekend’s Red Bull Wake Open.

2012 Red Bull Wake Open Champions
2012 Red Bull Wake Open Champions

As I’m sure most of you know, and if you don’t-where have you been? -this 4th of July weekend Tampa will be hosting one of the hottest events to hit the water. Athletes will soar, flip and sometimes flop over obstacles, ramps and whatever else they can grind on for their chance to become a champion. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I can see the area where it’s going to be taking place from my office, and while this would be an amazing view with air conditioning and the comfort of my cushy office chair, I want to be in the action.

Last year the Red Bull Wake Open caused around 25,000 people to swarm areas like Bayshore Blvd., Jackson’s Bistro, Sail Pavilion, Tampa Convention Center, Knight’s Point at Harbour Island and wherever else they could fit for a chance to check out these athletes. The event takes place on Friday and Saturday so pick a day and make the trip to downtown (we suggest both days, but that’s just us) Parking might be a bit of a hassle so here is our list of alternative modes of transportation: walking, boating, biking, rollerblading, segway-ing?, swimming, kayaking, skateboarding, base jumping, (this is a Red Bull event after all) any way you can get there, get there!

Photo Cred: WFLA
Photo Cred: WFLA

And bring the family! This is a fun and FREE event. Who can argue with free? With the weather being so iffy lately, save the trip to the beach and swing downtown for a chance to checkout the scene.

Can’t make it downtown or want to just be a miserable hermit and stay inside even though you live in Tampa and you might be better suited for Idaho? That’s fine (we guess) You can watch it on TV you little couch potato you! Feel free to crack open a brew in the comfort of your own home by yourself or with a few buddies, then tune into NBC on Saturday, July 6 at 4pm.

If you’re thinking, nah I went last year- what’s the point?… the point is- they’ve added a new feature to the competition: a ramp to ramp park. This will provide an even more exciting aspect to the big air portion of the competition. Red Bull athlete, JD Webb (current record holder for biggest ramp to ramp jump) will compete against 15 year old (ya we said 15) Daniel Grant and others for top ranking.

JD Webb
JD Webb

The competitors will receive awards in 3 categories: wake park, big air & boat. And these aint no regular awards. During the competition wake boards designed by artists as part of the Wake Art Project, a collaboration between Red Bull and Kick Start My Art will be on display. Spectators are encouraged to vote on their favorite wake boards, and the top 4 (one for overall champion) will be awarded to the winners as their trophies. So much better than some cheesy plastic trophy with a wakeboarder on top that will definitely break off in 3 to 5 weeks. To check them out, click here! 

My favorite!
My favorite!

No matter if you stay the whole day or just swing by to see what all the hoopla is about make sure you check it out. The Red Bull Wake Open is just another reason why we love living in Tampa, and if you don’t participate, neither will the events. So if you love living in Tampa as much as we think you do… join in!

Click here for more information

See ya out there! – Allison

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