It’s a very rare occasion for our group not to have something planned out for the weekend. We usually have some idea of what our plans will be; beach on Saturday, brunch on Sunday, BBQ with our friends, go to the outside market or concert, but this weekend was totally open. So we took that opportunity to explore. I mean literally explore- like driving around town to see what nuggets of goodness we could share with you. And boy did we find a good one.

Driving home from The Library Coffeehouse on Saturday we were just casually talking about how fat and happy we were when Ryan spotted it. Located at 3644 B Henderson Blvd. is WAVZ Skate + Streetwear. At first I wasn’t too excited to go in. The last thing I needed to be doing is shopping (I know, I know, I’m a girl and girls should never say no to shopping) but I have to say, the story of this shop alone is enough to sway my “No Shopping” mantra.


We stepped inside to find a tiny shop and a young kid sitting behind the desk. He greeted us as we looked around and Rob, Ryan and myself all went in different directions. Ryan for the t-shirts, Rob for the shoes and I was directed towards the women’s section (which isn’t all that big but NBD) The more we looked around the more immersed we were in the atmosphere. Kid Cudi was playing in the background and the three of us were in total weekend mode. We started talking to the kid about the shop and found out he opened it back in February. Once he told me it was his store I just had to ask his age.


Homeboy is 17… yes 17. As in, going to be a senior in high school and in the process of making a lot of 20-some year olds feel very inadequate.


But that’s neither here nor there. Evan Parag was the perfect host for our first WAVZ experience. Since he is in charge of the merchandising for the store he was super knowledgeable about all the brands they carried. He even taught us about Cigar City Clothing. I’m sure it comes to no surprise to you guys that we’ve heard of Cigar City Brewing before, but not clothing. They are coming out with a Cigar City Roots line which features local areas in their designs. We couldn’t get over how cool their first edition was:

Can you see the Tampa Theatre sign? Hint: look on the left!

Obviously we can’t go into a store without buying something and luckily Rob found a pair of shoes he loved. After checking out and saying bye to Evan, his age still had us scratching our heads. How does he go to school and run a business? Well, WAVZ is only open from 3-7pm on weekdays and 12-7 Saturdays. So he runs the store after school. That’s some dedication.


Make sure to stop in this summer-We’re definitely glad we did! We wish Evan and his business the best of luck in the future. We can’t wait to see what’s next for both of them.

Stay Fresh- AV

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