We have all been to a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some huevos rancheros for brunch, but have you ever been to an Italian restaurant  and enjoyed a delicious pancetta brunch pizza with a farm fresh egg? Well I can say I have thanks to  Bavaro’s brand new brunch menu. It’s also safe to say that this dish will be a massive hit because 8 out of 10 of us that went to brunch ordered it without question.

Getting a big group of us together for brunch is probably the easiest thing to do… let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good meal after a night out or even just relaxing and watching a movie. Brunch to me, means having a cocktail with breakfast and not feeling guilty. Bavaro’s definitely delivered a good deal with BOGO mimosas and glasses of sangria. Considering we were at an Italian restaurant, I opted for the sangria… which hit the spot, not to sweet and not too dry. (They know what they are doing).


Sometimes I get turned off at brunch because the staff is either as hungover as we are… or just lazy because they would rather be at the beach on a weekend morning. I can’t say this was the case for the Bavaro’s staff. They were highly attentive and willing to help us. They even let us order off the regular menu (don’t let them know we told you). Remember how I mentioned most of us order the Pancetta pizza? Well they actually have six different pizza options, two salads, soup and a couple appetizers. Personally, I love a simple and to the point menu because it makes choosing something so easy, plus we knew the plates would be on point! Each pizza is made fresh to order in Bavaro’s brick oven pizza stove which gets up to 400 degrees F. I heard that the stove is actually from Italy and was flown in just for Bavaro’s, so you know this place is authentic.

Making Fresh Pizza
Making Fresh Pizza

Our pizzas all came out piping hot and fresh. I can’t say it enough how delicious my Pancetta pizza was…topped with a farm egg, this pizza was made fresh with pancetta, sea salt, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. I could eat garlic on anything! But this time I think the mixture of the fresh pancetta and sea salt is really what did it for me. If you couldn’t tell by know, I highly recommend the Pancetta Pizza.


Another great thing about Bavaro’s is the location. It’s right in the heart of downtown, which is becoming more active every day. You literally can step right outside the restaurant and walk around for a couple of hours.

So next time you are thinking about trying something different for breakfast, make it Italian with Bavaro’s right here in Downtown Tampa.

Good eating,


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