So last week, you probably read that Allison, Ryan and I partied down drinking Margaritas in The Park. Well, during our midday break, we decided to head to a SECOND event to satisfy our tastebuds. Our favorite, local Irish Pub, Macdintons, was having themselves an awesome Food Truck Rally. Basically, they close their parking lot down and have a bunch of different food trucks set up shop all around the perimeter of the lot. Then, they have tables and chairs and corn hole set up in the middle of the lot for people to hang and enjoy their food. What’s great about this event at Macdintons in particular is that it is open to families, kids, and pets!

SoHo Food Truck Rally

We made a lap around the lot before we made our decision as to what to eat. Allison and I were ready for some cheesy tots from Hott Mess. We knew that this would not fill us up completely, so Ryan suggested a sandwich from The Dude and His Food. Hott Mess had soooo many delicious sounding options, it was hard for Allison and I to make our decision. We eventually settled on the “Buffalo Chicken Tots” (hold the Bleu Cheese). Then, Ryan grabbed “The Alexandude the Great” from “The Dude”, who was really friendly and willing to help us make a good choice.

The Dude and His Food

When the food was done, we were SOOO pumped to chow down. The cheesesteak from “The Dude” was HUMONGOUS and overflowing with toppings like prime ribeye, lettuce, feta, onions and tomato. The tots from “Hott Mess” were calling my name and I couldn’t wait to get a seat and go at it. Macdintons allows you to bring your food inside, so we ordered ourselves some Tequila drinks from our favorite girl and dug right in. Clearly, the cheesesteak is  meant to be eaten either like a barbarian or with fork and knife because of its size. We opted for the latter choice.


Between the three of us, there was more than enough food to go around, so we ended up with a little bit left over. “The Dude’s” food was exactly what is advertised… “The Ultimate Prime Ribeye Experience”! The tots were AMAZING too! A bit spicy, but that was expected since it was the Buffalo Tots! All in all, it was an awesome day of food and fun and the three of us all agree we will be hitting up the SoHo Food Truck Rally again! Thanks Macdintons for putting on another great event in Tampa!


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